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Exploration, Discovery and Travel Imagem
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Man Standing on Trail

Image depicts an individual, possibly Kent Sedgwick, standing on a trail through a forest somewhere in or around Seton Portage, B.C.

Hiking Group

Image depicts a large group of individuals preparing to hike up Mt. Robson.

Felled Trees

Image depicts a large number of felled trees, and an unknown individual standing on the path.

Dog on Bridge

Image depicts an unknown individual and a dog on a bridge over what is possibly the Robson River.

Air Photo Markers

Image depicts a marker for aerial photography at an uncertain location. The slide labels it as "Elizabeth Station."

Crevasse Filling - "Drift Ridge"

Image depicts a group of unidentified individuals walking along a crevasse filled ridge somewhere in the vicinity of Smithers, B.C. The slide also labels it as a "drift ridge."

People on River Bank

Image depicts a group of people on the rocky bank of a river somewhere near Mt. Robson.

People on a Glacier

Image depicts a group of people standing on the foot of a glacier, possibly the Robson Glacier.

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