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Bridget Moran & Mary John Standing in UNBC Courtyard

Photograph depicts Moran wearing regalia and linking arms with Mary John. Stone steps in background. The pair stands in the Agora courtyard at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, B.C. Photo taken on the day Bridget Moran ...

Bridget Moran at Anglican Church Learning Centre

Moran stands on sidewalk in front of building with signs reading "LEARNING CENTRE" and "ST. PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH". Large iron bell sits in grass in foreground, forest in background. Photo believed to have been taken near...


Series consists of images pertaining the Collison family, North Coastal First Nations communities, means of transportation along North Coastal British Columbia, and various church structures and religious events.

Children gathered at Metlakatla Church

Several unidentified individuals can be seen on front steps of church and a group of small children in white stand in line below steps. Other community buildings are visible in background, white fence crosses foreground. Photograph depicts the fir...

Funeral party on beach at Metlakatla, BC

Photograph depicts a group of men, women, and children walking across beach towards water. Buildings visible on shore in left background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Funeral party - en route to boat Metlakatla BC (Taking body over ...

Mission house in Kincolith, BC

Photograph depicts tall building, with long shorter section crossing midground in front. Path runs through garden in foreground.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Back of Mission House Kincolith".

Canoes and village buildings at Alert Bay, BC

Canoes sit on shore in foreground beside village buildings. A dock is visible above water in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Alert Bay Indian Ranch No. 14 Alert Bay. To be shown on page 69 or 70, re Alert Bay Mission."


Image depicts Metlakatla, located near Prince Rupert, B.C.

Carving a Totem Pole

Image depicts several unidentified individuals inside a building, one of which is carving a totem pole. The location is uncertain.


Image depicts a group of people in the historical village of 'Ksan near Hazelton, B.C.

Kamloops Residential School

Image depicts the old Kamloops Residential School which operated until either 1977 or 1978 before becoming part of the Secwepemc Musem in 1982.

Hudson Bay Company Post at Fort George, BC

Photograph depicts two buildings behind fence, sheds visible in background. Unidentified men can be seen walking in foreground. Small structures believed to be teepees can be seen behind fence.

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