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Prince George

Image depicts Prince George, possibly with the Northwood Pulpmill in the background.

Eskers Park

Image depicts Eskers Park, near Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts Pineview on Buckhorn Lake Road, Prince George, B.C.

Bear Snow Sculpture

Image depicts a snow sculpture of a bear, possibly during the Winter City Conference, in Prince George, B.C.

Disused depot at Ellis and Clement

Photograph depicts a disused depot at Ellis and Clement. Taken from Ellis, looking east. Tracks across Ellis had just been removed. Side walk was inserted and black top had been laid. The removal of the road crossing signals had yet to be done.

Disused depot at Ellis and Clement

Photograph depicts a disused depot at Ellis and Clement. Taken from Ellis, looking east. Track was an isolated piece between St. Paul Street and Ellis and had been subsequently removed. Davies notes the vague talk at the time of converting the bui...

Collision between two freights

Photograph depicts a collision between two freights (visible is the head of one and the tail of the other) at this switch. The signal was knocked down, but a replacement was erected. It was being tested while the photograph was being taken. Switch...

Speeder meet

Photograph depicts a lunch stop at Oyama for the speeder meet. These speeders were Fairmont MT 19.

Kekuli Bay Provincial Park and boat launch

Photograph taken at the Kekuli Bay Provincial Park and boat launch. On the speeder meet, there was always a semi-official photograph of the whole group and this was the selected spot. Here, no power boats could take the see-saw.

Speeder meet on the outskirts of Kelowna

Photograph taken on the outskirts of Kelowna, in an industrial area about 2 miles north of a branch terminal. The turn around point for all 25 speeders was done on a black-topped, little used public grade crossing.

BC Rail - Exeter Station, 100 Mile House

Photograph depicts the Exeter station of the BC Rail which had a hand-cranked elevator for wheelchair passengers. Visible is the view of a Budd coach #15, which was probably almost 50 years, but still looked modern.

Connaught Tunnel

Photograph depicts the Connaught Tunnel. Traffic was normally eastbound through it, while westbound traffic went through the new Mt. Macdonald Tunnel.

Connaught Tunnel

Photograph depicts the western portal of the 1916 Connaught Tunnel. The tunnel used to be double tracked, but was singled in the 1960s in orde to take piggy-back/container traffic. Curiously, the switch to the single was inside the tunnel.

CPR Wynndel

Photograph depicts a grain elevator that had a 7 car spur to service it. Davies doubted if grain traffic ever moved by rail near Wynndel. Two flat cars appeared to have used the platform to overload machinery and vehicles.

CPR Cranbrook

Photograph depicts weighing track in Cranbrook. Presumably, locomotives took the track on the left side, while cars used the weigh track on the right side.

CPR Cranbrook

Photograph depicts a brick roundhouse of 5 or 6 stalls that were used for stores and non-locomotive activities.

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