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Raw video footage of Torino

Videotape contains footage of: 21-Feb-06 - Torino - Kinsley greets visitors at BC-Canada Place and shots around the building - Kinsley, Mayor Colin / 22-Feb-06 - Torino - shots around the City / 23-Feb-06 - Torino - Prince George reception - Berra...

Log House

Image depicts a log house at an uncertain location.

Old Cabins

Image depicts several old log cabins, possibly at McLeod Lake.

Comox Logging Railway device

Photograph depicts a homemade (?) device used to scour boiler tubs of scale. Taken at the former site of the Comox Logging Railway's yard and maintenance facilities.

Soda Creek

Image depicts rail road tracks through a forest, as well as a river; located in Soda Creek, B.C.

Prince George Media CD

CD-Rom is a "media CD" containing promotional videos, brochures, and photographs of Prince George. The CD was created for distribution at the 2006 Winter Games at Torino. UNBC was part of a Northern BC delegation that went to the 2006 Ol...

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