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bp Nichol Lane, Toronto

File consists of photographs of bpNichol Lane in Toronto and photographs of newspaper clippings about the new lane.

General correspondence with Gerry Gilbert

File contains cards and letters dating from October 12, 1972 to January 21, 1991 concerning reading at CNC, a letter regarding the publication of one of Mr. Gilbert's works by Gorse Press and personal topics; includes poems, curriculum vitae...

Personal correspondence from Ken Hertz

File contains newspaper clippings and two letters one undated and the other dated March 20, 1991 concerning Mr. Hertz's health and his fundraising efforts as regards medical treatment.

Business correspondence with Kevin Killian

File contains letters dated September 3rd and 23rd, 1987 concerning the purchase of a work by George Stanley and other letters dated March 1, 1988, June 15, 1992 and August 19, 1992 concerning plays, poetry and other personal topics.

Business correspondence from Roy Kiyooka

File contains letters regarding the publishing of Mr. McKinnon's work and other personal topics; includes an invoice for a reading by Mr. Kiyooka at CNC and a typewritten message on an envelope.

General correspondence with Patrick Lane

File contains correspondence dating from August 26, 1977 to October 7, 1995 concerning readings at CNC, the publishing of Mr. McKinnon's poems and other topics; includes transcripts of electronic mail and poems.

Letter to Douglas Latimer

File contains one draft letter partly typed and partly handwritten concerning a manuscript Mr. McKinnon's wishes to send for review.

General correspondence with John Newlove

File contains cards and letters dating from February 7, 1973 to November 29, 1990 concerning a reading at CNC and various personal topics; includes miscellaneous textual material.

General correspondence with bp Nichol

File contains a letter dated August 23, 1975 and cards and letters dating from March 27, 1985 to June 27, 1987 concerning a reading at CNC, mutual friends and other personal topics; includes a publication and a manuscript by Mr. Nichol, newspaper ...

Business correspondence with David Phillips

File contains correspondence concerning the publication of Mr. Phillips' and Mr. McKinnon's work in The Capilano Review, Mr. McKinnon's work as a publisher and printer and other personal matters.

Personal correspondence with Brad Robinson

File contains letters concerning poetry and other personal topics; includes a number of undated letters, two short stories, a letter from Mr. Robinson to Lally and miscellaneous textual material.

Business correspondence from Bill Rueter

File contains mostly handwritten cards and letters concerning the printing of The Golden Daybreak Hair by Aliquondo Press; includes poems, a drawing, a mock-up of the book, note and poems by Alan Suddon, a newspaper clipping and miscellaneous text...

Business correspondence with Paul Shuttleworth

File contains correspondence dating from September 11, 1975 to December 14, 1992 concerning the publishing/printing of Mr. Shuttleworth's work by Mr. McKinnon and the publishing/printing of Mr. McKinnon's work by Mr. Shuttleworth and var...

General correspondence with George Stanley

File contains cards and letters concerning readings at CNC, poetry, mutual friends and other matters; includes newspaper clippings, poems, a memo relating to a reading planned for Terrace and miscellaneous textual material.

Business correspondence with George Stanley

File contains correspondence pertaining to the printing/publishing of Mr. Stanley's work, readings for Mr. McKinnon and personal topics; includes a manuscript, poems, a newspaper clipping, a proof sheet and miscellaneous textual material.

Personal correspondence with Andy Suknaski

File contains correspondence dating from July 25, 1970 to June 19, 1981 and from November 30, 1987 to September 5, 1989 concerning various personal topics and a review of Mr. McKinnon's I Wanted To Say Something. File also includes Andy Sukn...

Letter from Melissa Wolsak

File contains an undated personal letter; includes a Canada Council report for Ms. Wolsak's reading at CNC on November 2, 1995.

Personal correspondence with Derk Wynand

File contains two letters, the first from Mr. Wynand dated September 8, 1969 and the second from Mr. McKinnon dated March 23, 1989, which includes questions about the articulation of a creative writing course being offered at CNC.

Business correspondence with Bob

File contains three letters concerning the publishing of a piece of Bob's poetry and other matters relating to the publishing of Mr. McKinnon's own work.

Business correspondence to Jim

File contains a letter dated October 14, 1986 concerning a collaborative work and it's publication in Line magazine and another dated November 9, 1993 concerning a reading for Mr. McKinnon.

Letter to Liz

File contains one letter dated October 20, 1995 concerning arrangements for a reading at CNC.

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