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Falling totem pole, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts a totem pole supported by smaller poles, and a second totem pole standing straight in background. Beach in foreground, fence and hills in distance.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Falling greatness, Chapt. XXI No. 5,...

Finback whale crest, Southeast Alaska

Two carved poles stand in foreground, a third smaller pole visible by wood structure in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "For heading of Page 12. Fin Back Whale Crest. [?] Totems, S.E. Alaska".

View of Wrangell, Alaska

Photograph depicts community buildings on shoreline, water in foreground.Handwritten annotation on image reads: "Wrangle, Alaska."; on verso: "Fort Wrangle, Alaska Territory. visited by W.H.Collison, C.M.S. 1877. Prior to the establ...

Children at play

Seven young boys enjoying a game of tug-a-war alongside a wooden track. Track runs along a picket fence through a village. A small girl watches the fun from the sidelines and older woman carries a basket in the background. Handwritten annotation i...

Iona Campagnolo speaking to crowd of women seated on floor of the Great Hall, First National Networking Conference, Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver

Photograph taken in a hall with large glass windows at the University of British Columbia. Six indoor totem poles visible in background.Handwritten notation included with photograph reads: “June 1982, First National Networking Conference, Complime...

Ah Yee at Giscome

Photograph depicts four men standing in front of two log cabins. It is believed that these men are also featured at Meikle's Cabin in item 2009.5.3.17. Forest in background, miscellaneous items on ground in yard. Handwritten photo caption on ...

Church at Fort George Reserve, BC

Photograph depicts two men standing in street at the Fort George Reserve. A church with steeple stands in midground, on left side of street. Forest in background. Handwritten annotation on verso and recto of this photograph reads: "Fort Georg...

New Aiyansh

Image depicts a building painted with First Nations art in New Aiyansh.

Kamloops Residential School

Image depicts the old Kamloops Residential School which operated until either 1977 or 1978 before becoming part of the Secwepemc Musem in 1982.

First Nations Drums

Image depicts several unidentified individuals standing outside a building, and holding intricately painted drums; the woman on the right is Sue Sedgwick. The location is uncertain.

First Nations Drums

Image depicts several unidentified individuals standing outside a building and holding intricately painted drums; Kent Sedgwick is standing the middle of the group with Sue Sedgwick beside him. The location is uncertain.


Image depicts what appears to be a teepee at an uncertain location.

Hagwilget Village

Photograph of the dirt road leading to Hagwilget Village. Residential buildings and a church are visible in the background. Printed annotation on recto reads: "W.W.W. Hagwilget Village."

Iona Campagnolo wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha in front of Ninstints totem pole in the Great Hall, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “In the great hall of the B.C. Museum of Anthropology, in front of Ninstints Totem wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha (One who sits high) gift of Chief Skidegate ‘Dempsey’ Collinson - Q.C.I. made by his wife Iren...

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