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1st Session of the 18th Parliament

Material found within file include:HGT Perry, Speaker 1934Routine Procedure on opening of House of Assembly. Submitted by Mr. Speaker Perry. Remainder of bound journal contains news clippings during Perry’s political tenure.

Federal Election 1949

Published Material found in file ar? The Saskatchewan Story…The Future of the Liberal PartyCanada House of commons Debates Official Report: Canada's ProsperityCanada House of commons Debates Official ReportA Report to the People of Canada...

Election – Coalition Misc

Printed Materials found in file are:Manifesto of the Coalition GovernmentStatement of Government PolicyThe Coalition Government’s Record of Achievement: A Review of the Accomplishments of the Coalition Government 1941-1949

WWII/Peace Printed Materials

Printed Material in file are:From Here On!San Francisco - First Step to PeaceBehind Dumbarton OaksDumbarton Oaks ProposalsThoughts on the New WorldThe Nations Have Declared

British Empire Publications

Published material in file are:Are Empires Doomed? Imperialism and the People's WarThe British Answer to some questions affecting Post-war Rehabilitation and Anglo-American RelationsBritain's Trade in the Post-War WorldCanada as a Pacifi...

International Empire: Pamphlet and Clippings

Published material within file are:Charter of the United Nations: Statute of the International Court of JusticeThe Democratic Way : My Share and YoursThe New Relationship With Soviet RussiaInternational Economic CollaborationThe Nations Have Decla...

Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

Pamphlet containing: "Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points," "The Atlantic Charter's Eight Points," "Declaration by the United States," "The Moscow Declaration," & The Teheran Declaration."


Printed Material within this file are:The Canadian Liberal: A Survey of National Affairs, Volume 7, no. 1The Choice for Britain: The Liberal Case

Hydro Bylaw

Electric Power. Chap: 27 " An Act to provide for improving the Availability and supply of Electrical PowerA Farm Electrification Programme: Report of Manitoba Electrification Inquiry Commission, 1942

Printed Materials - Scrapbook

Published Material found within this file are:The North Pacific Planning Project: Report of ProgressStatement of Government Policy: Outlined and Address Given by Honourable John Hart. February 3rd, 1943.Statement of Government Policy: Outlined and...

Sirois Report

Published Material found in this file are:Sirois Reports and Conference (25-Mar-41)Canada Needs National Constituent Assembly as Premiers Fail (2 copies). HGT Perry (Ed), 1941, published by the Prince George Citizen. A reprint form an Editorial ...

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