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Manager's Photos - Chute from Adit

Photograph depicts chute on mountain, men in background. Corresponding notes on accompanying photo description page: "August 19th, 1952: 2. Chute to convey the broken rock from adit. This chute required to convey the rock over the talus roads...

Manager's Photos - Sub-Station Building

Photograph depicts small wood building built on tall wood poles adjacent to power house. Ladders, building materials, covered object, and unidentified structure [box of truck/shop foundation ?] in foreground. Corresponding note on accompanying pho...

Manager's Photos - Sluff of Talus

Photograph depicts bags on mountainside, shadow and empty bags in foreground, snow covered areas in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "9. Sluff of talus across lower talus road. Men in picture are picking...

Manager's Photos - Track Loader

Photograph depicts track loader moving dirt in cleared area. It is believed that the loader may have been excavating area for ore haul truck dump (see item 2000. Trees and mountains in background.

Model for New Mill Displayed in Room

Photograph depicts large square model of the new mill building that was built at the Cassiar plant site in 1970. Model is displayed on green material laid on floor against wall in unidentified room. Machinery modeled inside the structure is colour...

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