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File contains meeting minutes, correspondence, meeting agenda, list of supporters, committee reports and handwritten notes.


File contains meeting agendas, meeting minutes, a list of Society directors and alternates and an auditor’s report.

Membership campaign

File contains textual materials relating to the Interior University Society’s membership campaign and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, Executive member reports, handwritten notes, status reports, a list of media outlets, committee mee...

Handwritten notes

File contains handwritten notes by Elsie Gerdes and possibly others on various topics which were amalgamated into a file after Ms. Gerdes left Prince George. The file also contains correspondence, a President’s report and miscellaneous textual ma...

News releases

File contains Interior University Society news releases with appended lists of members and correspondence concerning all aspects of Society activities.

Newspaper clippings

File contains newspaper clippings from the Prince George Citizen concerning the release of the report from the Implementation Planning Group which recommended a northern university. The clippings may have been given to Ms. Gerdes by Horst Sander...


File contains textual materials pertaining to Elsie Gerdes’ participation in the Implementation Planning Group and includes photocopies, facsimiles, speech notes, handwritten notes, and a list of Group members.


File contains newspaper clippings, a newsletter and a brochure relating to Mr. Williston’s public life dated from July 17, 1959 to April 9, 1960.


File contains newspaper clippings relating to Mr. Williston’s public life dating from August 25, 1963 to March 17, 1964.


File contains newspaper clippings relating to Mr. Williston’s public life dated from September 19, 1969 to January 15, 1971.


File contains miscellaneous reports and printed matter collected by Mr. Williston over the course of his political career and private life.

Memoranda of Agreement

File contains two memorandum of agreements between Birger Strid and Bernard Gore, acting on behalf of Dr. Wenner-Gren and the Government of the Province of British Columbia.

Newspaper clipping

File contains a newspaper clipping from the "Vancouver Sun" newspaper dated 30 January 1982 concerning development of the Columbia Basin.

Memorandum of Agreement

File contains a copy of the agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia concerning the Columbia River.

Newspaper Clippings

File contains newspaper clippings and magazine articles about Mr. Williston.


File consists of the transcribed interviews of Mr. Williston and one taped interview on an audio cassette.

Textual material

File contains notes, a copy of a contract, correspondence, press releases and reports about this machine and its performance in British Columbia.

Gilbert, Judith

File contains the transcript of an interview with Bev Christensen, annotations of selected extracts, oral history consent and biographical record forms, photocopies of newspaper articles and draft copies of Ms. Gilbert’s paper.

Ratzlaff, Robbyn

File contains oral history consent and biographical record forms, an indexed and an annotated transcript of an interview with Ren Settle and two copies of Mr. Ratzlaff’s draft research paper, one of which is edited and has photographs.

Stewart, Jenny

File contains oral history consent and biographical record forms, list of questions used in the interview, transcript of an interview with JoAnne Kirkland, transcripts of indexed annotated interviews, correspondence, and a draft of Ms. Stewart’s r...


File contains 6 computer disks containing electronic versions of transcripts of oral history interviews.


File contains two newspaper clippings about John Ferry.

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