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Young Virginia & Violet Taylor in Front Yard

The two girls stand in front of a house at South Fort George, B.C. Young boy believed to be Arthur Taylor can be seen in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "After the Ball was over, Violet and Virginia lay [...] August 22, [192...] South fort George B.C." (Annotation is cut off).

Young Violet & Virginia Taylor

Seven year old Virginia stands beside older sister Violet who is seated on chair in front of house at South Fort George. Two small children can be seen standing in porch. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Violet & Virginia - 1921 -" (date believed to be incorrect).

Young Alan and Fred Baxter Being Pushed in Wheelbarrow

Fred and Alan are being pushed in wheelbarrow by a woman wearing a blouse, dress pants, and sunglasses. Typed annotation on recto of photograph: "This is 'Mac' - she is a young woman." This woman is speculated to be Tom Taylor's wife Marion. They stand in a field with a car behind them. A forest and body of water can be see in background, as well as the opposite shore.

Violet with Friends at Prince Rupert

Twenty-three year old Violet stands wearing a polka dot dress in a group of unidentified men, women and children. Body of water and tree-covered hill on opposite shore in background. Handwritten caption below this photo reads: "Pr. Rupert, 1928 End of Road Construction".

Violet Taylor in Group Portrait

Photograph depicts group of fourteen men and women dressed in formal attire, posed on carpet in front of backdrop. Violet sits second from left. This photograph was taken in Prince Rupert where Violet attended high school while living with her relatives Sarah and Herbert Glassey.

Violet Baxter with Brother Dixon Taylor

Violet sits wearing a fur coat next to younger brother Dixon who wears a suit and hat. They are seated in unidentified area on a wood structure between tall piles of planed lumber. A tall shelter can be seen behind them, and forest trees in background. Dixon Taylor worked at the sawmill in Penny, BC.

Violet and Lucy Taylor with Drama Group

Lucy stands next to Violet on far right in group with six other unidentified young girls. Each girl wears a white dress and holds a holly branch. They stand on material laid out in snow in front of unidentified building. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Violet. Lucy. This is their Holly and Mistletoe Drill".

Violet and Lucy Taylor Performing "Sleeping Beauty" with Drama Group

Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Here they are in Sleeping beauty asleep. Virginia is not all in. She is behind Violet who is King. Father of the beauty. That is the queen in front and the nurse at the head of the bed and the Beauty on the bed." The girls are in costume on material laid out in snow in front of unidentified building. Unknown wood object in left foreground.

Tom Taylor's Basketball Team

Seven men in basketball uniforms stand next to coach Morrison, who wears a suit. Twenty year old Tom Taylor stands last in line, next to coach. Each man holds the waist of the next, and the first man holds a basketball. A building and trees can be seen in background. Handwritten annotation on verso: "1935", on recto: "Danny Palumbo, Bill Smith, Owen Duprie, Hilton, Bill Aikin, Jack McKinzie, Tom Taylor, Dr. Morrison."

Three Oldest Taylor Children Sitting on Steps

Each child is dressed in white and seated on deck in front of wood building. In descending order: Ellen, Violet, and Lucy. A barn, fence and forest can be seen in background. It is believed that the children are sitting in front of their home in Kispiox, B.C. See also items 2009.5.1.45 & 2009.2.1.46.

Three Men in Relief Camp at Penny

Photograph depicts three men standing in dirt area near fire wood. Tent building semi-visible on left, forest trees behind snow pile in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Relief camp at Penny. 100 men - A.K. Bourchier Foreman - Dixon Taylor timekeeper. [Ted Nevan?] purchasing agent - hungry thirties. Construction days. Mile 29 - A.K. Bourchier J.P." Man in middle is believed to be A.K. Bourchier.

Taylor Gathering at the Baxter Home in Prince George

Back, left to right: Ellen (nee Taylor) and husband Percy Garland, Joan Graves (daughter of Lucy Taylor), Dick Baxter (son of Violet), Violet (nee Taylor) Baxter. Front, left to right: [unknown], Margret Baxter (wife of Alan Baxter), Judy Taylor (daughter of Arthur Taylor), Edna Roth (daughter of Violet).

Photograph taken on Ross Crescent, Prince George, at the home of Violet Baxter. Car and trees in background.

Taylor Family in Town

Front, left to right: Hermina Taylor, Kay (nee Irwin, wife of Arthur Taylor), Violet and Bob Baxter. Back, left to right: [Ellen?], Percy Garland (husband to Ellen Taylor), [Tom Taylor?]. Hermina holds a baby, speculated to be Ian or Jillian (children of Arthur Taylor). Houses stand in background behind road.

Taylor Family Gathering on Lulu Island, B.C.

Standing from left to right: Hugh Taylor Jr. and wife Corrine, Hermina Taylor, Alan Baxter (son of Violet Taylor) and wife Margret, Beverly Taylor (wife of Ian), Arthur Taylor, Ian Taylor (son of Arthur), Ronald Butler (husband to Jillian).

Seated from left to right: Virginia (nee Taylor) Silvester, Jillian Butler (daughter of Arthur Taylor), Dixon Taylor.

Group is gathered at a farm on Lulu Island, B.C. belonging to a friend of the family named Edna Mozer. Wood building, trees and vehicle in background.

Taylor Family at Sign Near Ft. Fraser, BC

Group of men, women, and children stand in field below large sign that reads: "GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC TRACK CONNECTED APRIL 7th 1914 PRINCE RUPERT MILEAGE 373-96 - WINNIPEG MILEAGE 1,374". Two men in formal attire stand on either side of group, women and children in between. A spotted dog stands on right. It is believed that members of the Taylor family are present in group (Hermina holding infant Tom, surrounded by Violet, Lucy, Arthur, Virginia, and Dixon). Man and woman in back left speculated to be Lillian and A.K. Bourchier. Handwritten annotation on envelope of negative reads: "Ft. Fraser 1916".

Taylor Family at House in South Fort George

Hermina Taylor stands with group gathered on front steps of veranda. An elderly couple and young girl sit on the steps beside Lucy and Violet Taylor (Violet holding a baby). Hermina and young girl stand behind them on right, and a man and young woman stand behind on left. A wood pile can be seen behind the house.

School Class Portrait of Alan & Fred Baxter

Fred stands smiling on far left, Alan wears a white shirt seventh from left in first standing row. Bushes and hedges stand behind them in midground. Large school building stands in background on left, power poles on right. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "DIVISION. 9. KING GEORGE V ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. PRINCE GEORGE. B.C. SEPTEMBER. 144. PHOTO BY BRIDGMAN VANCOUVER. B.C."

Railway Ticket to Vancouver in Violet Taylor's Name

Typed on verso of ticket: "CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS WESTERN REGION" "EMPLOYES TRIP PASS - FIRST CLASS" "SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS ON BACK" "PASS (1) Miss V. B. Taylor, ACCOUNT Stenographer -- C.N.R. TO Vancouver, B.C. FROM Prince Rupert, B.C. via Jasper, Alta." "DATE ISSUED} June 14th/27. EXPIRES END OF} July. 1927" "ADDRESS Prince Rupert. REQD BY V.B.T." "HONORED ON TRAIN NO. [6]". Verso has been signed by the conductor (illegible) and dated "Jun 18".

Typed on recto of ticket: "PASS ONE WAY ONLY TW IN ACCORDANCE WITH ACCOMPANYING PASS, BUT IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION" "VOID IF DETACHED" "143518". Stamped annotation on recto: "[ISSUED BY] W. H. TOBEY". Handwritten annotation on recto: "OFF SNOWSHOED NO 5 JULY 13 [WM?]". Ticket has been punched with four different shapes.

Portrait of Violet Taylor's Basksetball Team

Violet stands second from left among group of six girls wearing uniforms, posed in front of backdrop. Two sit on floor, and four stand behind their coach, who is seated in a chair and wearing a suit. A basketball sits between his feet, painted with "COMETS 1921-1922". Violet's shirt has a letter "C" on its front. This photograph was taken in Prince Rupert where Violet attended high school while living with her relatives Sarah and Herbert Glassey.

Men from Department of Public Works

Photograph depicts two men lifting rocks onto or off of a truck with "DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS" painted on its side. Rocky hill in background, road in right foreground. It is speculated that one of these men may be Hugh Taylor, or his son in law Bob Baxter who also worked for the department of public works.

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