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Taylor-Baxter Family Transportation and Utilities
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The Bourchier Album

This photograph album consists of photographs of remote police barracks at Mile 47 and Mile 29; early settlements and/or mercantile stores at Tete Jaune Cache, McBride, Sand Creek, Fort George and South Fort George; Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for...

Bourchier, Alan K.

Bob Baxter with Mother and Sisters

Young Bea and Margaret stand in front of Bob Baxter and mother Harriet. The group stands in a clearing, rear of soft-top car visible in foreground on right, trees in background. It is believed that this car is also featured in item 2009.5.4.16.

Baxter Family Standing on Road

Left to right: Margaret (nee Baxter) and husband Gus Lund, Bea Baxter and beau, Violet and Bob Baxter. The group stands on road wearing formal attire. Rear of car can be seen in foreground on right; power poles, log building, and unidentified stru...

Ellen and Lucy Taylor in Group by Car

Violet Baxter's older sister Ellen and younger sister Lucy are among other unknown individuals who stand and sit on a car in the road. Ellen stands second from left, and Lucy sits in back behind other girls. Forest and hillside can be seen in...