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Young Iona Hardy with mother and brother

Photograph depicts Rosamond Murchison-Hardy outside with her arms around her two children, all dressed in white. Trees in background.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Rosamond Murchison-Hardy’s 2 children: Iona Age 4 years 10 mos. ; Harold Age 3 yrs. 1 mos. ; August, 1937”.

M.P. Iona Campagnolo receives gift at a reception in Jeanne Sauvé’s riding, Ahuntsic, late 1974

Campagnolo, standing, displays a woven red, black, and grey shawl, while Jean Sauvé, seated, Yves Demers [?] and Marcel Roy [?], both standing, clap and smile; in the foreground is a table set with flowers and refreshments; in the background is a Canadian flag.

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “Au Quebec, from Jeanne Sauvé’s Riding, Lavalde Rapid, late 1974,” “23,” and “copie pour Mme. Campagnolo, (21), & Eymard Corkin”.

M.P. Iona Campagnolo seated at reception in Jeanne Sauvé’s riding, Ahuntsic, late 1974

Marcel Roy [?], Iona Campagnolo, Jeanne Sauvé, Yves Demers [?], and an unidentified woman sit at banquet table in front of a stage with musical instruments and a Canadian flag.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “copie pour Mme Campagnolo, 15, 1-5-, Yves Demers, Marcel Roy, Jeanne Sauvé, un discourse en français dan la circonscription de Mme S. (toute l’monde est separatiste et liberal!)”

Close View of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wearing a beret and Mustang lifejacket, walking outside beside M.P. Iona Campagnolo in headscarf and wool jacket, Kivsta, Haida Gwaii, BC

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “With the boss at Kivsta, Q.C.I.: May 1976, 13,000 yrs. carbondated habitation in the same location-- The real Charlottes and his counter culture protection in the rain, mist, moss and dense forest of the Haida”.

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