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Pack Train in High Country

Footage of a pack train in the high country, which is likely an upper valley of the mountain foothills. Probable locations of this footage include Holt homestead, Rainbow Mountains or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Tom Engebretch on Motorcycle at East Ranch

Footage of Tom Engebretch loading a Honda motorbike with gun and gunny sack and driving off through a creek and up a hill.

Location is believed to be East Ranch, possibly located in near Bella Coola, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park or Chilcotin area.

Moose Head Trophy

Footage of man holding up and examining a moose head trophy in winter.

Possible locations include the Chilcotin region, Rainbow Mountains or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Caribou herd

Footage of a caribou herd.

Probable locations of filming include the Chilcotin area, Rainbow Mountains, or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Camping in the Mountains

Footage from a high point overlooking a mountainous landscape with clips of fish frying in a pan, men eating around the campfire and a fallen moose.

The location is believed to be the Rainbow mountains.

Moose Hunt

Footage of a moose hunt, moose kill, and butchering of the moose.

Possible locations of this footage are the Chilcotin region, Rainbow Mountains or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

Unloading hay from Flatbed Trailer

Footage of men unloading hay for cattle from a horse-drawn flat bed trailer, a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, and people being driven in flat bed tractor out to a small silver plane and taking off.

Packing Up after a Fishing Trip

The footage begins with a man hauling a rubber boat to shore. The man displays the fish that he has caught to the camera. The film cuts to a pontoon plane for Coast Mountain Flight Services Ltd., and then back to the man placing his fish into a bag. The filming then returns to the plane taking off over water. There is aerial footage of the river and mountains, most likely the Bella Coola Valley. Also include is footage of duck with ducklings.

Possible other locations that are seen in the footage are Gitcha Mountains, Ulkatcho Mountains or Rainbow Mountains.

Footage of Ooligan Harvest and Production of Ooligan Grease

Footage of thee men in dugout canoe bringing in ooligan nets full of ooligan fish on what is believed to be the Bella Coola river. Two of the men bring in the net while the third bails water. The men then bring in the canoe to shore using long poles. Women then join and help transport the fish to shore and then place the fish in large "stink box" where they are stirred with a stick.

Ooligan Production, Fly-Fishing, and Robson's Deer

Footage of a "stink box" used in Ooligan grease production in what is assumed to be Bella Coola. Also there is footage of some men fly-fishing on a river shore, either the Bella Coola River or the Dean River. There is a close-up clip of them baiting a hook, and then a shot of the men using gaff and hook to haul fish to shore. The men display their catch for the camera and there is a panoramic view of the mountains behind them. Included are some clips of Robson's deer, and a white robin.

Possible other locations in this film include the Atnarko region, Rainbow Mountains, Ulgoatcho Mountains and Chilcotin area.

Pack Train and Herd of Caribou

Footage of large animal, most likely a moose, along a steep bank. Two men and their pack horse traveling along an open landscape, a close shot of their campfire at night, then footage of them preparing for a journey early in the morning. Also a view of a herd of caribou, the men traveling in a pack train over a stream and through upper valleys of the mountains, various sunset shots, a lake full of birds feeding, and finally the men packing the horses with killed game meat, most likely caribou.

The location of the filming is most likely the Rainbow Mountains.

Footage of Wildlife, Fishing from River Shore, Backyard BBQ

Footage includes salmon jumping in a river, men filleting fish in fishing boat in tide water, a beaver in the water, and a bird, probably a heron, flying.

Recordings from the boat on a river, some loons on a lake, either Anahim or Fenton lake, and a panoramic view of the lake with mountains in background.

Also some footage of men fishing from the shore of a river, children catching fish, children swimming, some river rapids, footage of an eagle, a pelican on the lake, a group of birds, probably sand pipers, in water.

There are two young girls playing on a boat near shore, a view of white and brown house, and an older boy pulling a young girl in a wagon.

Include is footage of a backyard BBQ picnic, two young girls fishing, a cabin at a lake, and general scenery of birch trees, a boat house, and a dock at lake.

There is also a sign that reads "Breezy Cove," people relaxing on porch in front of cabin, and footage of a woman believed to be Mrs. Elsey and a friend walking on a forest path.

The film ends with footage of more fishing off a motor boat and unloading the motor boat at a dock.

Possible locations of the filming include the Bella Coola River, the Bella Coola Valley, the Bulkley Valley, the Hagensborg area, and Nimpo Lake.

Mountains, Wildlife, Fishing on a River and Robson's Deer

Footage of mountains, spring flowers, a white robin, a butterfly, and eagles flying. Footage of men, believed to be Elsey's sons-in-law, in a rubber raft fishing on a river. Also footage of Robson's Deer.

Locations are speculated to be either Bella Coola River or Dean River, Atnarko area, Bella Coola Valley, Chilcotin area, Paradise Valley or the Rainbow Mountains.

Footage of Pack Train and Caribou Hunt

Footage of ducks on a lake and flying away, horses in a corral, a campsite, caribou in the high country of the mountains, probably the Rainbow Mountains, a campsite where men are packing horses and game kill and their journey home in pack train.

Possible locations of filming include Anahim Lake, Chilcotin area, Holt Homestead, Rainbow Mountains, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, or Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Sawmill at Cless Pocket Ranch and Anahim Lake Stampede

Footage of a horse ranch called "Cless Pocket Ranch" and hay fields surrounding. There is men at work using a sawmill to cut wood into planks and men working in the hay field with their young sons on the ranch. Cless Pocket Ranch is located in the Chilcotin area of BC near Anahim Lake.

Also included is footage of the Anahim Lake stampede, the people watching and playing, the arena and the concession stand.

Loading Gas Barrels on and off Boat on the Dean River

Film begins with aerial footage of mountains believed to be around Bella Coola. Then recording of men loading barrels, supposedly of gas, into a boat using a "home made" winch and boom construction. They ferry the barrels up stream, the river is assumed to be Dean River. and use a similar construction to bring the barrels to shore.

There is also footage of men fishing in the river.

Anahim Lake Stampede

Footage of the Anahim Stampede. The film includes recordings of the people at the stampede, bronco and bull riding, the area surrounding the arena, wild cow milking, children games such as sack races, horse racing around the arena, the concession stand and wild cow riding.

Anahim Lake Stampede, Loading Pack Horses, Caribou Moose Hunt, and Children Playing

Film begins with recording of geese flying in sky as introduction. Then there is footage of community life in the general store, believed to be "Christensen's General Store," including a man lighting a pipe, children buying snacks and families buying groceries. Afterwards there is filming of the Anahim Stampede, depicting wild cow riding, bronco riding and the spectators.

The second portion of the film begins with the title slide "Caribou Return" and in consists of clips of ducks on a lake, scenery of trees and the lake, men packing up horses as they prepare for a journey into the high country. They travel as a pack train up into the mountains and eventually set up camp. There is footage of the men cooking, and also various shots of wildlife including a white grouse, herd of caribou, moose wandering through the snow, and a porcupine. The hunting party eventually kills a bull moose and there is footage of them examining the kill and loading the pack train with meat.

The third portion of the film begins with two young girls playing in a boat and then playing in a garden, and then a young boy pulling his sister in a wagon. There is a family barbeque and more footage of children playing and going fishing in a lack. The film ends with a recording of a grouse or pheasant in a bush.

Locations believed to be filmed in on this reel include Gitcha Mountains, Ulkatcho Mountains, Holt Homestead, Lassard Lake, Rainbow Mountains or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

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