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Board of Broadcast Governors Hearings, Prince Rupert

Item is an audio reel to reel recording of Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG) Hearings, Prince Rupert, 1965 [?] dealing with an application fora broadcasting license for a group in Prince Rupert, BC. The Board of Broadcast Governors later became the Canadian Radio Television Commission

Jack Carbutt Remembrance Day 1960 & 1964

Item is a audio reel to reel recording entitled "Remembrance Day Tape" by Jack Carbutt with musical recordings. Originally cut October 1960 and re-dubbed 1967, narrator Jack Carbutt.

The opening ceremonies: Peace Power Project: naming of the Dr. Gordon Shrum Power House, Lake Williston

Item is an audio cassette of the September 29, 1968 opening ceremonies for the Peace Power Project which includes the naming of Ray Williston Lake in honour of Ray Williston, then Minister of Lands and Forests, and the naming of the Dr. Gordon Shrum Power House in honour of BC Hydro Co-Chairman by Premier W.A.C. Bennett.

Jack Carbutt Armistice Day Broadcast ca. 1960s

Item is an audio cassette of broadcast music and songs from World War I broadcast by Jack Carbutt on Armistice Day, ca. 1961[?] and includes a re-recording of the inauguration of the Dominion Carillon by Prime Minister William Lyon McKenzie King on July 1, 1927 to commemorate the armistice.

"For What it is Worth"

Item consists of a recording of the local radio program "For What it is Worth" a monologue by Jack Carbutt on current affairs. Also includes interview by Carbutt with Armand Handley (?) of Aleza Lake and Gordon Walter in September 1980.

An Interview with Benjimen Meisner

Consists of 1 bound transcript entitled “An Interview with Benjimen Meisner : Local Talk-Show Host and Columnist Sentinel and Catalyst for Prince George and Northern Concerns” by Jeanne Anderson and Clare Willis, Prince George Oral History Group, BCRTA Heritage Committee, 2003.

Group photograph of eight people

Group photograph depicts five men and three women in business-wear. Judge William Dow Ferry is second from the left.

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