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Miscellaneous forestry photographs

Consists of photographs depicting various forestry and forestry railway scenes, including early sawmills, Church Logging (Prince George) logging trucks, the Eagle Lake Spruce Mills (Giscome) railway locomotive and train cars loaded with logs, early logging with horse-drawn skids, an aerial of Eagle Lake Spruce Mills, among others.


Subseries consists of printed and photograph postcards depicting railways, buildings, ships, and other transportation in British Columbia.


Subseries contains ephemera created and used by various railways and railway associations. Includes invitations, pamphlets, advertisements, a petition, and other ephemera materials related to railways in North America.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

Consists of a set of original black & white photographs [1908-1933-?]) of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line in BC depicting surveying crews, town sites (Prince Rupert and its port, Hazelton and Fort George), and First Nations Peoples.

Maps and plans

Subseries contains maps and technical drawings produced by Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific Railways. Predominantly consists of plans of the rail line in the BC area. Also includes technical drawings of Grand Trunk Railway structures.

Maps and plans

Subseries contains maps and technical drawings produced Pacific Great Eastern Railways. Predominantly consists of plans of the rail line in the B.C. area. Also includes technical drawings of Pacific Great Eastern Railway structures.

P.G. Growth Sequence

File contains slides depicting the growth of Prince George.


Subseries contains publications intended for employees and the general public, produced by Pacific Great Eastern Railway, concerning labour unions, operating guides, and brochures.

Employee time books

Subseries contains employee time books and payroll ledgers developed by various companies and union groups for the use of rail workers and railways. Includes a time and payroll ledger used by Magofin Bergh & co., a railway construction contractor.

Union material

Subseries contains publications and charters developed by various unions representing Canadian and American railway workers. Includes union newspapers, pamphlets, constitutions, medical and dental plan information, and union ephemera.


Subseries contains publications created for the use of railroads in North and South America. Includes publications pertaining to railway equipment, machinery, safety, maintenance and other subjects related to railway industry and labour.

Pacific Great Eastern Railway (1912-1971)

Subseries consists of material regarding the history of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, the provincial railway of British Columbia. Includes promotional publications from the PGE, annual reports, information about the PGE at Seton Portage, and its transition into the British Columbia Railway in 1971.

P.G. Air Photos

File contains slides depicting aerial views of Prince George.


Subseries contains publications intended for employees and the general public, produced by Canadian National Railways, concerning labour unions, uniform code, operating rules, maintenance of way, general instructions, examination material, handling of hazardous material, operating guides, safety, and the Royal Tours of 1939 and 1959.

Employee operations

Subseries contains material pertaining to employee operations. Includes records of hours worked, payment, first aid treatments received and other employee documentation. Also comprises publications related to employee insurance and unemployment benefits.

Histories and Statistics

Subseries consists of general histories and statistics of British Columbia and Canada. Includes monographs and periodicals that provide background information for British Columbia railway history research.

Time tables

Subseries contains passenger and employee time tables for Canadian Pacific Railway and the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, a railway on Vancouver Island owned by CP Rail.

Personal correspondence

Subseries consists of personal correspondence between Brian Fawcett and his family members.

Personal records

Subseries consists of awards, school records, teaching materials, legal agreements and miscellaneous textual material dating from 1951 to 1995, which relate to Mr. Fawcett's personal life, his work and his writing.

GNR and Other Railways Employee Timetables

Subseries consists of Great Northern Railway employee timetables and schedules. Also includes employee timetables for the Burlington Northern Railway, the BC Electric Railway, and the BC Harbours Board Railway.


Subseries consists of photographic material pertaining to building construction at Cassiar and Clinton Creek. Photos were taken of all the major structures during the building of the Cassiar plant in the early 1950s and the Clinton Creek plant in the early 1970s. There are also photographs pertaining to the new mill that was built at Cassiar in 1970-1971. Smaller scale construction jobs have been included: police station, powerhouse expansion, fiber storage building, sewage collection and treatment plants, accommodations and outside work camps.

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