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Spotlight on UNBC

"Spotlight on UNBC" was a promotional television show created by the UNBC Communications Department and was shown on the local Prince George Shaw television channel. The first 30-minute episode of "Spotlight on UNBC" aired in February 1993 and continued with one episode a month until 1998, when it switched to one episode every other month. After the year 2000, the show began to evolve into various shorter iterations for Shaw television audiences. These later shows were "UNBC Insight" (circa 2001) and "Plugged In" hosted by Sandra Claremont (circa 2004) which included "What's New This Week" stories created by the UNBC Communications, often filming a month's worth at once. The host of "Spotlight on UNBC", as well as the show's later iterations, was Rob van Adrichem. This subseries includes a complete run of the original "Spotlight on UNBC" episode masters from February 1993 to December 2000.

Iris Communications: "North to the Future" and "Northern Is..."

Subseries consists of footage created by Iris Communications, a video production company contracted by UNBC in 1994 to create promotional videos for the new university. The final promotional videos were titled "North to the Future" and "Northern Is...". Besides the master versions of these two films, this subseries also includes all of the raw footage filmed by Iris Communications used to create the videos. This footage predominantly consists of interviews (with administrators, students, faculty, stakeholders, and community members), Northern BC scenery, shots of the new UNBC Prince George campus, and recordings of important UNBC events from 1994 (such as the opening of the campus by Queen Elizabeth).

Collected Published Videos

Subseries consists of various published videos collected by the UNBC Office of Communications for the purposes of background research and the creation of video clips for UNBC productions.

Personal correspondence

Subseries consists of personal correspondence between Brian Fawcett and his family members.

Personal records

Subseries consists of awards, school records, teaching materials, legal agreements and miscellaneous textual material dating from 1951 to 1995, which relate to Mr. Fawcett's personal life, his work and his writing.


Subseries contains Brian Fawcett's personal journals.


Subseries contains photographs created or accumulated by Brian Fawcett.

Negatives and Slides

Subseries consists of photographic negatives and slides accumulated by Brian Fawcett. Images depict Fawcett friends and family, portraiture, places, and special events.


Subseries consists of artwork by Brian Fawcett's friends and family, as well as miscellaneous printed graphic materials.

Sound recordings

Series consists of 36 audio cassettes and 1 audio reel of interviews and readings prepared for radio broadcast by Brian Fawcett and others.

Video Recordings

Series consists of video recordings created or accumulated by Brian Fawcett.

5.25 Floppies

File contains Brian Fawcett's records on digital media.

3.5-inch Floppies

Subseries contains Brian Fawcett's records on 3.5-inch floppies.

Zip Drives

Subseries contains Brian Fawcett's records on zip drives.

CD-ROMs and DVDs

File contains Brian Fawcett's records on CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Hard Drives

File contains Brian Fawcett's digital records from his hard drive.

Miscellaneous Poetry

Subseries consists of miscellaneous poetry manuscripts and publications. Includes anthologies and periodicals in which Fawcett's poetry was published, such as "The Capilano Review". Fawcett stopped publishing poetry after 1982, although he did not stop producing it. These "suppressed poems" are also included. Many poems are untitled and unidentified.

"Sex @" Poems

Fawcett began a project in 1975 when he was 31 with the premise of summarizing his understanding of sex at various ages. Manuscripts include "Sex at 31", "Sex at 34", "Sex at 38", and "Sex at 45". These manuscripts were the basis for "Gender Wars".

"Friends" (1971)

Subseries consists of draft manuscripts of "Friends", a poetry anthology.

"Permanent Relationships" (1975)

Subseries consists of draft manuscripts of "Permanent Relationships", a poetry anthology, as well as a published version.

"Creatures of State" (1977)

File consists of draft manuscripts of "Creatures of State", a poetry anthology, as well as a published version.

"Aggressive Transport" (1982)

Subseries consists of draft manuscripts of "Aggressive Transport", a poetry anthology, as well as a published version.

Short Stories

Subseries includes draft manuscripts of short stories, story lists, and excerpts from Fawcett's short stories.

"Capital Tales" (1984)

Subseries contains miscellaneous notes, table of contents, and excerpts of short stories included in the "Capital Tales" short story anthology.

"The Secret Journal of Alexander Mackenzie" (1985)

Subseries contains draft manuscripts of short stories included in the "Secret Journal of Alexander Mackenzie" short story anthology. Also includes a published edition of the work and research notes.

"Cambodia: A Book For People Who Find Television Too Slow" (1986)

Subseries consists of research material, reviews, and correspondence relating to the short story anthology, "Cambodia". Also includes published editions of the work, a manuscript for a theatrical production of Cambodia, and a script for a "Cambodia" film produced by Peter Lynch.

Notes and Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Subseries consists of notes, excerpts of miscellaneous fiction works, and project lists and proposals. Also includes drafts of "When Daddy Was a Little Boy", an unpublished children's book.

Essays, Articles, and Book Reviews

Subseries consists of clippings and draft manuscripts of essays, articles, columns, and book reviews by Brian Fawcett written for various periodicals. Also includes issues of published periodicals that contain Fawcett's work.

"Robin Blaser" (2010)

Subseries consists of material related to Fawcett's 2010 work "Robin Blaser" jointly written with Stan Persky.

"Human Happiness" (2011)

Subseries consists of material related to Fawcett's 2011 work "Human Happiness", a memoir of his parents Hartley Fawcett and Rita Fawcett.

Single-Author Works

Subseries consists of single-author works such as books, poetry and short fiction created by authors other than Brian Fawcett that contextualize Fawcett's literary community.

Multi-Author Works

Subseries consists of multi-author works such as anthologies and literary magazines created by authors other than Brian Fawcett that contextualize Fawcett's literary community.

Exploration and Development

Subseries consists of photographic material pertaining to early geological exploration and planning of the mine sites, plant sites and town sites of both Cassiar, B.C. and later Clinton Creek, Y.T. This subseries also includes photographic material capturing mining locations not owned by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation for what is believed to be corporate research and development purposes.

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