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Maps and plans

Subseries contains maps and technical drawings produced by Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific Railways. Predominantly consists of plans of the rail line in the BC area. Also includes technical drawings of Grand Trunk Railway structures.

P.G. Air Photos

File contains slides depicting aerial views of Prince George.

Miscellaneous forestry photographs

Consists of photographs depicting various forestry and forestry railway scenes, including early sawmills, Church Logging (Prince George) logging trucks, the Eagle Lake Spruce Mills (Giscome) railway locomotive and train cars loaded with logs, early logging with horse-drawn skids, an aerial of Eagle Lake Spruce Mills, among others.


Subseries contains materials related to Fyfe Lake Fir Sales. Includes orders, correspondence, lumber sale records, outstanding accounts information, and quote requests.

Employee operations

Subseries contains material pertaining to employee operations. Includes records of hours worked, payment, first aid treatments received and other employee documentation. Also comprises publications related to employee insurance and unemployment benefits.

Free Piston Development Company

Subseries consists of records relating to the Free Piston Development Company, for which Noranda Mines Ltd. provided capital funding. Adam Zimmerman was the comptroller for Noranda Mines at the time and monitored the Free Piston Development Company's progress; the relationship between the companies was ended in 1967.

Free Piston Development Company

Island Cache

File contains slides depicting Island Cache on Cottonwood Island in Prince George, B.C.


File contains slides depicting various types of instruments at various locations, including Willow River.

Employee time books

Subseries contains employee time books and payroll ledgers developed by various companies and union groups for the use of rail workers and railways. Includes a time and payroll ledger used by Magofin Bergh & co., a railway construction contractor.

Canadian Labor Relations

Series consists of primarily records related to Weller’s involvement on a Federal Task Force on Labor Relations in 1967 and a research project titled "Trade Unions and Political Change in the Province of Quebec 1921-1972.” The material includes drafts, notes, correspondence, publications by other authors, various documents produced for the Task Force, the memorandum of agreement for Weller’s work on the Task Force, and other items related to researching and obtaining research material.

Comparative Politics

Subseries consists of lecture notes and other course material from courses Weller taught early in his career as well as material from Weller’s own education in the area of comparative politics. More specifically, some files contain material from a courses taught by Weller at Bishop’s University “Politics in Britain and France” and “The Theory and Practice of Communism.” The dates of the material suggest that the files were also used for courses at Lakehead University.

The Asbestos Sheet

On March 7, 1956 the Cassiar Reporters Guild published one issue of an untitled newspaper simply titled "The Cassiar?" (vol.1, no.1) along with a "name that newspaper" contest call out to the local community. It is believed that no other issue of this first volume was published until December 7, 1957 when The Asbestos Sheet (vol.2, no.1) was published. The Asbestos Sheet, was generally published twice a month and ran from December 1957 to September 1976; after which time both its name and its format changed: the 8-1/2 x 10" news bulletin changing to an 11 x 17" newspaper; and The Asbestos Sheet becoming the Cassiar Courier. The Courier was published monthly from fall 1976 until February 1991 when it stopped circulation shortly before the closure of both the mine and the company town.

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