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BC Rail (1972-2004)

Subseries consists of material regarding the British Columbia Railway (1972-1984) and BC Rail (1984-2004). Includes information about the history of BC Rail, BC Rail under the ownership of CN after 2004, and the incomplete Dease Lake extension.

CPR - Early Days

Subseries consists of research material regarding the early days of the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia, between 1880 and 1900. Includes information about the construction of the CPR main line in British Columbia, the Chinese labour force used in the construction of the railway, and tunneling through the Canadian Rockies.

Discovery Passage

File contains slides depicting areas around the Discovery Passage.


Subseries consists of sources for railway history research. Includes bibliographies, glossaries, research guides, and indexes.

Mud River

File contains slides depicting Mud River.

Freight Cars

Subseries consists of material related to freight cars. Includes information about box cars, hoppers, stock cars, tank cars, refrigerator cars, gondolas, ore cars, lumber cars, flat cars, woodchip cars, auto carriers, and intermodal/container cars. Also includes information about boxcar design, freight statistics, reporting marks, and freight car components.

Passenger Cars

Subseries consists of material related to passenger cars. Includes information about rail diesel cars (Budd cars), baggage coaches, diner cars, Pullman/sleeper cars, observation cars, business cars, private coaches, and other passenger coaches. Also includes information about manufacturers of passenger coaches, revenue head-end cars attached to passenger trains, and passenger cars owned by specific railways.

CD-ROMs and DVDs

File contains Brian Fawcett's records on CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Non-Revenue Cars

Subseries consists of material related to non-revenue cars, which include cabooses, handcars, maintenance-of-way cars, track testers, railway cranes, pile drivers, ditchers, ballast spreaders, flangers, service cars, and work trains. More information about non-revenue cars can be found in the Maintenance-of-Way series (2013.6.8).

Skagway - Atlin - Miles Canyon

File contains slides depicting places around and between Skagway, on the Alaska border, Atlin and Miles Canyon.

White Pass Train

File contains slides depicting locations along the White Pass railway through Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territories.

University of Lapland

Series consists of material related to Weller's travel to Finland and award of an honorary doctorate from the University of Lapland.

Zip Drives

Subseries contains Brian Fawcett's records on zip drives.

Ginter House

File contains slides depicting images of the Ginter House from 1997 in Prince George, B.C.

CNR Okanagan Branch

Subseries consists of material regarding the Canadian National Railway Okanagan Branch. Includes information about the infrastructure and operation of the branch, the locomotives and self-propelled coaches used on the branch line, and track plans.

Summerfest 1994

File contains slides depicting the Summerfest in Prince George, B.C. in 1994.

Mabel F. Timlin

Subseries documents research about Mabel F. Timlin for Ainley's article, "Mabel F. Timlin, 1891-1976: A Woman Economist in the World of Men", published in a special edition of Atlantis: A Women's StudiesJournal on economics in 1999; a description of Timlin for the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan in 2005; and a contribution to a tribute for Timlin in the Canadian Women Economists Network Newsletter in 1995. Subseries consists of photocopies of correspondence between Timlin and others; photocopies of biographical information on Timlin; drafts and published manuscripts; a call for submissions; correspondence relating to Ainley's submission to Atlantis; an interview summary; and photocopies of articles written by and about Timlin.

Iris Communications: "North to the Future" and "Northern Is..."

Subseries consists of footage created by Iris Communications, a video production company contracted by UNBC in 1994 to create promotional videos for the new university. The final promotional videos were titled "North to the Future" and "Northern Is...". Besides the master versions of these two films, this subseries also includes all of the raw footage filmed by Iris Communications used to create the videos. This footage predominantly consists of interviews (with administrators, students, faculty, stakeholders, and community members), Northern BC scenery, shots of the new UNBC Prince George campus, and recordings of important UNBC events from 1994 (such as the opening of the campus by Queen Elizabeth).

Hard Drives

File contains Brian Fawcett's digital records from his hard drive.

Catharine Parr Traill

Subseries contains Ainley's research material on Catherine Parr Traill (nee Strickland). The subseries includes research for and manuscripts of: the conference presentation and book chapter, "Science in Canada's 'Backwoods'?: Catharine Parr Traill" (originally titled, "Catharine Parr Traill (1802-1899): A Woman Science Writer in 19th Century Canada"); the conference presentation, "Women and the Popularization of Science: 19th-century Women Science Writers in Canada"; and the conference presentation, "Colonial Lessons: Catherine Parr Traill (1802-99) and Popular Science Education in Upper Canada"; and publication "Circulating Gendered Knowledge: Catharine Parr Traill's Colonial Science Lessons, 1836-1895." Subseries consists of photocopied archival material, research notes, overhead transparencies, correspondence, manuscripts, and articles.

Collected Published Videos

Subseries consists of various published videos collected by the UNBC Office of Communications for the purposes of background research and the creation of video clips for UNBC productions.

Spotlight on UNBC

"Spotlight on UNBC" was a promotional television show created by the UNBC Communications Department and was shown on the local Prince George Shaw television channel. The first 30-minute episode of "Spotlight on UNBC" aired in February 1993 and continued with one episode a month until 1998, when it switched to one episode every other month. After the year 2000, the show began to evolve into various shorter iterations for Shaw television audiences. These later shows were "UNBC Insight" (circa 2001) and "Plugged In" hosted by Sandra Claremont (circa 2004) which included "What's New This Week" stories created by the UNBC Communications, often filming a month's worth at once. The host of "Spotlight on UNBC", as well as the show's later iterations, was Rob van Adrichem. This subseries includes a complete run of the original "Spotlight on UNBC" episode masters from February 1993 to December 2000.

British Columbia Utilities Commission Kemano Completion Public Review

Subseries consists of records relating to Shirvell's participation in the British Columbia Utilities Commission public review of the Kemano Completion Project. Includes Shirvell's notes and submission to the review panel, copies of submissions from other DFO scientists, correspondence relating to the review, copies of exhibits submitted for the review, and BCUC reports.

Shirvell, Cole


File contains slides depicting Revelstoke.


File contains slides depicting images of Cheslatta from 1991

Video Recordings

Series consists of video recordings created or accumulated by Brian Fawcett.

"Human Happiness" (2011)

Subseries consists of material related to Fawcett's 2011 work "Human Happiness", a memoir of his parents Hartley Fawcett and Rita Fawcett.

Divide Lakes

  • 2012.13.1.063
  • Sous-série organique
  • [between 1989 and 1994]
  • Fait partie de Kent Sedgwick fonds

File contains slides depicting images of and around Divide Lake.

Kamloops - Lillooet

File contains slides depicting places in and around the Kamloops and Lillooet regions.

Kootenay Plains

  • 2012.13.1.096
  • Sous-série organique
  • [between 1987 and 2004]
  • Fait partie de Kent Sedgwick fonds

File contains slides depicting the Kootenay Plains and surrounding areas in Alberta.

Saskatchewan - 1992

  • 2012.13.1.097
  • Sous-série organique
  • [between 1987 and 1992]
  • Fait partie de Kent Sedgwick fonds

File contains slides depicting places in Saskatchewan.

"Cambodia: A Book For People Who Find Television Too Slow" (1986)

Subseries consists of research material, reviews, and correspondence relating to the short story anthology, "Cambodia". Also includes published editions of the work, a manuscript for a theatrical production of Cambodia, and a script for a "Cambodia" film produced by Peter Lynch.

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