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Posthumous Records

Series consists of records created and collected after Dr. Joselito Arocena's death on December 20, 2015. Includes information about Arocena's work in China, photographs and video of the unveiling of the Lito Lab, and video recordings and presentation materials from a memorial lecture for Dr. Joselito Arocena by Mike Rutherford, Hugues Massicotte, and Paul Sanborn.

2009 Annual General Meeting

Series consists of 7 mini DVs recording "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 18-19, 2009. Harry Gairns and Mike Apsey spoke and conference panel topics include:

  • Looking to the Past to Inform the Future? Forest History within a Contemporary Context
  • Applying Traditional Knowledge to Future Initiatives: First Nations Historical and Future Relationships with the Forests
  • Forestry History in Our Communities: Robson Valley & Prince George
  • Exploring Our Roots: Forest History Research Methodology
  • From Exploration to Development: Bringing Forest History Forward.

Controlling Movement

Series consists of material regarding the control of movement on British Columbia railways. Includes information about control systems, dispatching, schedules, telegraph lines, telephone systems, radio, timing, train orders, semaphore, searchlight, train whistles, and computer systems.

Doris Holzworth

Series consists of materials related to Denise Trick's interview of Doris Holzworth. Includes 1 bound transcript as well as four audio recordings, each of which has an accompanying copy.

Accrual to Prince George Oral History Group fonds

This accrual consists of three transcripts and three audio cassettes of oral history interviews on various aspects of life in Prince George. Includes transcripts of interviews with Maurice Clark, Lucille Dunn, and Reverend Lance Morgan, and audio cassettes of the same interviews with Lucille Dunn and Reverend Lance Morgan.


Series consists of material regarding passengers on British Columbia railways. Includes information about the decline in North American railway passenger traffic, passenger experience, passenger fares, publicity, railway hotels, restaurant car catering, baggage and express services, and railway post offices (RPOs).

Accrual to Prince George Community Foundation fonds

Fonds consists of "Citizen of the Year" nomination packages for 2006 and 2007; as well as minutes, memorandum, and correspondence of the PG Community Foundation. Individuals represented in these nomination packages include: (2006)- Jim Blake, Robert "Bob" Scott, Trudy Swan, John Baragar, Baljit Sethi; (2007)- Christal Capostinsky, "Cowboy Bob" Chorney, Larry Crooks, Cliff Dezell, Lorna Dittmar, and Dick Voneugen.

Wilfred Howlett

Series consists of materials related to the oral history related by Wilf Howlett to Audrey Smedley/L'Heureux. Includes 1 bound, 1 unbound, and 1 electronic transcript, as well as three audio recordings, each of which has an accompanying copy.

Survey and Construction

Series consists of material regarding railway survey and construction in British Columbia. Includes information about construction statistics, surveying and tendering, construction methods, contractors, and equipment. Also includes details about the construction of specific railways, including the Canadian Northern Railway, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, the Kettle Valley Railway, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, the Crow’s Nest Pass Railway, and others.

Maintenance of Way

Series consists of material related to maintenance-of-way on British Columbia railways. Includes information about track sections, track vehicles, mechanized maintenance, and animals on railway tracks.

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Series consists of speeches, memoranda (which include: itineraries, seating plans, agendas, speaking orders, participant lists) correspondence, event programs, invitations, newspaper clippings, background material, list of regrets, agendas by calendar month and ephemera pertaining to The Honourable Iona Campagnolo's duties and responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.


Series consists of articles, clippings, and other material regarding railway accidents and mishaps in British Columbia. Includes information about derailments, collisions, fires, slides, washouts, avalanches, runaway trains, bridge failures, accidents at grade crossings, and accident statistics.

Allan and Gladys Thorp

Series consists of materials related to the oral history related by to Debbie Nowak by Allan and Gladys Thorp. Includes four audio recordings, each of which has an accompanying copy.


Series consists of written transcriptions prepared in 2000 by members of the Prince George Oral History Group of audio cassettes dubbed from original CKPG audio reels of radio programming broadcast in Prince George from 1960 to 1973.

Anne Fanshaw

Series consists of 2 transcripts of an interview of Anne Fanshaw by Ramona Rose, Archivist at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Island Cache Research Material

Series consists of research material collected for the Island Cache Recovery Project. Includes resources photocopied from participants in the study (particularly material collected by Bob Parris), including newspaper articles, photographs, and personal correspondence. Also includes research material gathered by the researchers from other sources, such as copies of maps, articles, and public records.

City records related to Island Cache

Series consists of copies of City of Prince George records photocopied and organized by Island Cache Recovery Project researchers. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence between the city and Island Cache residents, legal real estate and building inspection documents for Island Cache properties, and reports regarding Island Cache (Cottonwood Island).

Oral History Interviews

Series consists of the 46 oral histories conducted by the Island Cache Recovery Project. A file exists for each participant in the research project, which includes the original recorded oral history on cassette tape and/or VHS, consent forms for use of the oral history, a written transcript for the oral history, and a digital version of the written transcript.

Oral History Transcripts

Series consists of transcripts of oral histories created by the Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project. Also includes photocopies of private records relating to the Upper Fraser region obtained from participants in the project.

Accrual to Prince George Oral History Group Collection

The Prince George Oral History Group fonds consists of audio recordings, floppy discs, and typed transcripts (bound & unbound) of oral interviews with residents of Prince George, including Bill Vinson, Jim and Louise Van Somer, Tom Allen, Wilbur Pond, Ruth Cunningham, Joyce Antonation, Joyce Short, Lorraine Knight, Bob and Neal Erhorn, Hill Larson, Ella Price, Ken Stanyer, Noreen Rustad, Bea Dezell, John and Gertrude Abrahams, Berenice Fisch, Audrey L'Heureux, Benjimen Meisner, Frank Hewlett, Terry Camozzi, Armand Denicola, Bert Irvine, Tom Norton, and Allan and Olga Stevens.

Prince George Oral History Group

Convocation 23 May 1997

Consists of drafts of a speech introducing Ray Williston for Honourary Doctor of Laws degree from UNBC, presented at the 23 May 1997 UNBC Convocation, as well as correspondence dealing with Williston's honorary degree.


Series consists of 1 framed diploma from UNBC bestowing the title of Professor Emeritus on David Gomer Fish.

Diploma reads as follows : "The University of Northern British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada, The Chancellor of the University of Northern British with the approval of the Senate bestows the title of Professor Emeritus on David Gomer Fish, In Witness Whereof and by the Authority duly committed to us we have hereunto set our hand and seal, May 1997, R. Alex Reed, Registrar, Iona Campagnolo, Chancellor, Charles Jago, President."

Textual records

Series consists of correspondence, mock-ups of “Work in progress: a collection of local history essays by students in History 407”, the table of contents and cover, interview instruction sheets, bibliographies downloaded from the internet, curricular material from local/oral history courses taught at other universities.


Series consists of files of transcripts of interviews, correspondence, photographs, survey results, oral history consent forms, drafts of research papers and material pertinent to research papers organized by student name.


Series consists of plans, articles, and clippings regarding structures built by railways (with the exception of bridges and stations) in British Columbia. Includes information about engine houses, roundhouses, turntables, water delivery structures, fuelling facilities, freight houses, ice storage shed, tunnels, and other railway structures.


Series consists of one file of 6 computer disks containing the transcripts of oral history interviews in electronic format organized by student name.

Fraser Basin Council

Series consists of correspondence, agendas, speeches, proposals, poems, ephemera, newsletters, newspaper clippings and a biography of Iona Campagnolo all pertaining to the Honourable Iona Campagnolo’s involvement with the Fraser Basin Council.


Series consists of audio tapes containing interviews conducted by students in the local history course, organized by student.

Miscellaneous - First Nations Material

Series consists of Roots & Wings theatre programs, miscellaneous correspondence, publications, press releases, newspaper clippings, guidelines and speeches pertaining to the Nisga’a Agreement in Principle (1995-1997); and a copy of the British Columbia Treaty Negotiations Referendum issued by Premier Campbell in 2002.

"Unlocking the Medicine Chest" drafts

Series consists of different drafts of Chapter 7, "Unlocking the Medicine Chest: The Implications of Transferring Control of Health Services to First Nations," for the book, Prospering Together: The Economic Impact of Aboriginal Settlement in British Columbia, published by the Laurier Institute, as well as other related records. Includes publication "A Statistical Report on the Health of First Nations in British Columbia", Health Canada, 1995.

Treaty Advisory

Series consists of treaty process advisory records, many of which came out of Dr. Robin Fisher's involvement in the Northern Interior Regional Advisory Committee. Dr. Fisher was often asked to act as a resource person, moderator, or advisor on First Nations treaty-related matters due to his knowledge of the history of First Nation-European relations.


Series consists of course development material created by Dr. Robin Fisher for his UNBC undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Fisher primarily taught in the Department of History and was instrumental in the development of the History Program at UNBC. Records include syllabi, course readings, resource material, and correspondence.


Series consists of one videocassette documenting the opening of the University of Northern British Columbia by Queen Elizabeth II.

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