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Conferences and Service

Although Dr. Robin Fisher's career at the University of Northern British Columbia was largely in administration, he continued to give papers at scholarly conferences as well as provide service to his University and community. Series contains records relating to conferences attended, spoken at, or organized by Dr. Fisher. Also includes records relating to community and University service such as his participation in committees and the UNBC Faculty Association.


Series consists of course development material created by Dr. Robin Fisher for his UNBC undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Fisher primarily taught in the Department of History and was instrumental in the development of the History Program at UNBC. Records include syllabi, course readings, resource material, and correspondence.

Treaty Advisory

Series consists of treaty process advisory records, many of which came out of Dr. Robin Fisher's involvement in the Northern Interior Regional Advisory Committee. Dr. Fisher was often asked to act as a resource person, moderator, or advisor on First Nations treaty-related matters due to his knowledge of the history of First Nation-European relations.

Personal Records

Series consists of records relating to Dr. Fisher's appointment at UNBC as professor, founding chair of the Department of History, Dean of Arts and Science, and Dean of the College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences. These employment records include appointment letters, annual reports, correspondence, and Curriculum Vitae.

Literary Career

Series consists of records relating to Ann Walsh's activities in relation to her literary career. Walsh led and participated in writing-related events such as writer's talks, workshops, readings, and tours. Records include correspondence, handouts, speaking notes, and photographs in relation to these events. Also includes grant applications, correspondence with other writers, and correspondence with readers.

Publishers and Publicity

Series consists of records relating to the publication and publicity of the literary works of Ann Walsh in general (non-specific to a particular work). Publication records include contracts, negotiation correspondence, and rejections from publishers. Publicity material includes article features about Ann Walsh, publisher catalogues, publicity posters, promotional material, bookmarks, book reviews, event programmes, news clippings, and publicity photographs. Also includes audio recordings and video recordings of Ann Walsh.

Publications and Manuscripts: Monographs

Series consists of unpublished manuscripts and drafts of Ann Walsh's monograph literary works, including juvenile novels, anthologies, screenplays, and non-fiction books. Includes accompanying correspondence from publishers, editors, other writers, and readers. Also includes publication contracts, grant applications, teaching guides, research material, and notes.

Publications and Manuscripts: Short Works

Series consists of unpublished manuscripts and publications of Ann Walsh's short literary works, including short stories, poetry, essays, articles, writing exercises, and short dramatic works. Includes correspondence with publishers and publication contracts. Also includes full issues of various periodicals in which Ann Walsh's writing was published.

Ledgers and Journals

Series consists of two ledgers and two journals. The two ledgers consist of logging accounts including lumber shipments and sales as well as payroll and expenditures. The two journals include handwritten maintenance notes and loose papers of diagrams of equipment.


Series consists of one black and white photograph of S. B. Trick Lumber Company Sawmill.

Oral History Transcripts

Series consists of transcripts of oral histories created by the Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project. Also includes photocopies of private records relating to the Upper Fraser region obtained from participants in the project.

Posthumous Records

Series consists of records created and collected after Dr. Joselito Arocena's death on December 20, 2015. Includes information about Arocena's work in China, photographs and video of the unveiling of the Lito Lab, and video recordings and presentation materials from a memorial lecture for Dr. Joselito Arocena by Mike Rutherford, Hugues Massicotte, and Paul Sanborn.


Series consists of the photographs taken and collected by Dr. Joselito Arocena. Arocena kept an extensive photographic slide collection for teaching, demonstration, research, and personal purposes. Included here from his slide collection is a large selection of images that feature his UNBC work and the Northern BC region. This series also contains digital photographs that Arocena created or collected.


The research of Dr. Joselito Arocena was extensive and multi-disciplinary. The records contained within this series of research material provide only a small glimpse of the depth and breadth of his research portfolio. The majority of Dr. Arocena's research results were released in his 200+ academic publications over the course of his career. This series contains a selection of research records that were unpublished and cover research projects that relate to the health of BC indigenous communities, the McGregor Model Forest, and others.

Personal Records

Series consists of Dr. Joselito Arocena's personal records that provide background context to his academic accomplishments, research, and professorial tenure at UNBC.

Objects series

Series consists of tools and materials Harry Coates used during his work as a BC Forest Service Research Technician at Aleza Lake Research Forest. Series also includes awards Harry Coates received during his career.

Maps series

Series consists of maps, and road maps, and trail guides from various communities and regions in Northern and Central BC. Series includes Forest Cover Maps and maps related to BC forest and natural resource management.

Photographs series

Series consists of forestry photographs. Series includes photographs taken at experimental plots.

Publications and Ephemera series

Series consists of published materials collected by Harry Coates for his research and work in forestry. Materials consist of journal articles, government publications, and guidebooks. Series also includes ephemera consisting of recreational guides for parks, trails, and forests.

Forest History and Activism series

Series consists of materials reflecting Harry Coates life-long dedication and activism for sustainable forest management. Series also reflects Harry Coates' interest in forest history; series includes old forest industry records collected by Harry Coates including a timber sales ledger and timber license.

Forestry Work and Training series

Series consists of records pertaining to Harry Coates work and training as a BC Forest Service Research Technician. Series includes documentation for various Sx trials and experimental plots (E.P.) Harry Coates worked on.

Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd. Series

Series consists of records related to the Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd. company and mills. Series also includes materials related to the forest industry in British Columbia and Canada.

Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd.

Family Records series

Series consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Series include mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George. Series includes materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Series also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, series includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

Arthur Holland Album

Series consists of a photograph album from A. H. Holland, a British Columbia Land Surveyor, that was created while working in the Central Interior, the Cariboo, the Chilcotin and southeast British Columbia. This album visually documents steamboat, stagecoach and horse travel in British Columbia and also captures the prepatory work and dawn of the age of rail travel.


Series consists of graphic material depicting railways in British Columbia. Includes prints, negatives, and postcards.

Oversize Material

Series consists of large format maps and plans relating to railways in British Columbia and Canada. Also includes oversize documents.

Canadian Railroad Historical Association

Series consists of records from the Canadian Railroad Historical Association. Includes “CRHA Communications” newsletters, issues of “The Sandhouse”, issues of “Canadian Rail”, and information about the Exporail Canadian Railway Museum.

Cultural View of Railways

Series consists of culturally-related material on Canadian and British Columbian railways. Includes information about railway movies filmed in Canada, railway subjects on stamps, railway collectibles, and model railroading.

Tourism and Preservation

Series consists of material regarding rail-related tourism and preservation in British Columbia. Includes information about rail tours (such as the Rocky Mountaineer and the Royal Hudson), preserved locomotives and rolling stock, the EXPO 86 transportation theme, railway museums, and heritage railways (such and the Kamloops Heritage Railway and the Kettle Valley Railway).

Industrial Railways

Series consists of research material regarding industrial railways in British Columbia. Includes information about industrial locomotives, logging railroads, mining railways, and other industrial railway lines. Also includes monographs and periodicals about the history of various industrial railways.

Rail Ferries

Series consists of articles, clippings, and monographs regarding rail ferries in British Columbia. Includes information about freshwater rail ferries in the Kootenays and Okanagan and saltwater rail ferries.


Series consists of research material regarding rail freight in British Columbia and in general. Includes information about freight statistics, freight customers in BC, freight revenue, less-than-carload service, types of freight loads, freight loading and discharging devices, and intermodal freight. Also includes information on the rail transport of coal, coke fuel, ore, lumber, pulp and paper, potash, sulfur, cement, gypsum, grain, fish, chemicals, petroleum, automobiles, and livestock.


Series consists of material regarding passengers on British Columbia railways. Includes information about the decline in North American railway passenger traffic, passenger experience, passenger fares, publicity, railway hotels, restaurant car catering, baggage and express services, and railway post offices (RPOs).

Short Lines

Series consists of articles and clippings regarding short line railways in British Columbia. Includes information about the Southern Railway of British Columbia, the Kelowna Pacific Railway, the Okanagan Valley Railway, the Kaslo and Slocan Railway, the Northern Alberta Railway, the Victoria and Sidney Railway, and the Mt. Sicker Railway, among others.

White Pass & Yukon Railway

Series consists of material regarding the White Pass and Yukon Route, a narrow gauge railway that links Skagway and Whitehorse. Includes monographs about the history of the railway.

British Columbia Electric Railway

Series consists of material regarding the BC Electric Railway (1897-1961) and its successor, the BC Hydro Railway (1961-1989). Includes information about BCER interurbans, the Granville Island street railway, and the Nelson Electric Tramway.

Great Northern Railway

Series consists of material regarding the Great Northern Railway in British Columbia. Includes information about its history, its branches in the lower mainland and in the Kootenays, the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway, the Crows Nest Southern Railway GNR branch, and Fernie.

VIA Rail

Series consists of material regarding VIA Rail in British Columbia. Includes information about its formation between 1978 and 1982, passenger operations, and the Amtrak-VIA Rail connection.

Pacific Great Eastern Railway

Series consists of information about the Pacific Great Eastern Railway and BC Rail, the provincial railway of British Columbia. Includes information about its history, construction, statistics, and its Dease Lake extension.

Canadian National Railway

Series consists of information about the Canadian National Railway in British Columbia, including its history, construction, statistics, and branches. Includes information about the Canadian Northern Railway, the CNR main line from Jasper to Vancouver, the North Line (originally a Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line), and the Okanagan branch.

Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway

Series consists of research material regarding the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway. Includes information about the history of the E&N, CPR operation of the railway up to 1998, and the operation of the E&N after 1998 and its demise. Also includes public timetables and forms.

Kettle Valley Railway

Series consists of material relating to the Kettle Valley Railway. Includes information about the history of the railway, its Carmi sub-division, its Osoyoos branch, and the Nicola spur. Also includes correspondence and documents regarding the dismantling of parts of the KVR, as well as its preservation as a heritage railway. Contains monographs about the history of the KVR, its construction, and its current use as a recreational area.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Series consists of information about the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia, including its history, construction, statistics, and branches.


Series consists of articles, clippings, and other material regarding railway accidents and mishaps in British Columbia. Includes information about derailments, collisions, fires, slides, washouts, avalanches, runaway trains, bridge failures, accidents at grade crossings, and accident statistics.

Train Types and Use

Series consists of material regarding various train types and uses, including passenger trains and freight trains. Also includes information about train handling, train yards, and switching.

Work Force

Series consists of material regarding railway employees and work force. Includes information about training, safety, recruitment, labour relations, railway unions, job titles, managers, pay scales, and uniforms. Also includes collective agreements and operating rules for employees.

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