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Teacher's Guide: "Stoney Creek Woman"

File consists of a teacher's guide for "Stoney Creek Woman" including:

  • Handwritten notes re: general topics for "Stoney Creek Woman" and questions for each chapter
  • Proof copy of "Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John. Teacher's Guide" (p.1-31)
  • Letter to Pulp Press Curriculum Department from Bridget Moran re: Teacher's Guide for "Stoney Creek Woman" (May 2, 1991)
  • Photocopies of book announcement from the Tillacum Library re: the publication of "Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John" (Winter 1989)
  • Copy of "Stoney Creek Woman: Teacher's Guide" by Mayo Moran
  • "A suggested Teacher's Guide: Stoney Creek Woman" (recommended for Grade 9 English - non-fiction) prepared by Mayo Moran
  • Two copies of "General topics for Stoney Creek Woman"
  • Letter to Bridget Moran from Kathi Hughes, Alternate Ed Advisor, School District 57
  • Photocopies of "Stoney Creek Woman: Teacher's Guide" by Mayo Moran.

Bridget Moran fonds

  • 2008.3
  • Fundo
  • 1935 - 1999, predominate 1954 - 1996

This fonds illustrates Bridget Moran’s careers as a writer, a social worker and a social activist primarily within the Prince George region of British Columbia. This fonds also contains records pertaining to her personal relationships with family and friends and her receipt of various honours and awards.

Types of records reflective of her career as a writer include: published articles and unpublished manuscripts, drafts and front cover mock-ups, correspondence with editors from Arsenal Pulp Press, grant applications, notebooks, background material, writer’s workshop invitations and overviews, photographs, oral history interviews and transcripts, and VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications.

Types of records reflective of her career as a social worker and social activist include: annual reports, work journals, correspondence and published newspaper articles re: social policy, photographs, and general background material. Correspondence, photographs and newspaper clippings highlight her personal relationships, while her receipt of honours and awards is demonstrated through copies of letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, photographs, VHS recordings of award ceremonies, event itineraries, congratulatory correspondence, and invitations.

The Bridget Moran fonds has been divided into the following four series:

  1. Published and Unpublished Materials
  2. Career Related Materials
  3. Personal Papers and Correspondence
  4. Honours and Awards.

Moran, Bridget

Published and Unpublished Materials

Series consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements, contracts, notebooks, audiocassettes of oral interviews and readings, transcripts, book launch announcements, front cover mock-ups, edited drafts, manuscripts, fact sheets, poems, catalogues, bookmarks, skits, conference events programme, poster, grant applications and related correspondence, a wooden placard, handwritten notes, book reviews, inquest reports, background material, VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications, and ephemera. This series contains material from all five of her publications:

  1. (1988) Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  2. (1990) Judgment at Stoney Creek. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press
  3. (1992) A Little Rebellion. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  4. (1994) Justa: A First Nations Leader. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  5. (1996) Prince George Remembered. Prince George, British Columbia: Moran Publishing.
    This series also consists of, but is not limited to, a number of unpublished manuscripts and drafts and/or writing contest submissions also written by Bridget Moran, such as:
    • "Mary and Me" (ca. 1998)
    • "Where Winds Come Sweet" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Horizontal Land" (ca. 1992)
    • "The Summer of '81"
    • "The Relief Cheque" (ca. 1998)
    • "The Case of the Box of Matches" (ca. 1987)
    • "Unholy Deadlock" (ca. 1990)
    • "The Numbers Game"
    • "Reflections on Theme" (ca. 1967)
    • "Come Hell or High Water" (ca. 1976)
    • "Man Alive"
    • "The Deadbeat Mystique"
    • "Hell on Wheels"
    • "Backstairs at the Palace"
    • "James MacCallum" (ca. 1984)
    • "Hushaby, Baby" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Decline and Fall of Mr. Sullivan"
    • "Case History of a Gadfly"
    • "Welfare and the Good Life"
    • "Childhood Memories" (ca. 1976)
    • "The Three Musketeers" (ca. 1974-75)
    • "A Child's Christmas in Saskatchewan" (ca. 1979)
    • "Diary of Success Homecoming"
    • "My Old Flame" (ca. 1992)
    • "O Ye Dry Bones" (ca. 1996)
    • "Supper, Little Children" (ca. 1983).

Posthumous Records

Series consists of records created and collected after Dr. Joselito Arocena's death on December 20, 2015. Includes information about Arocena's work in China, photographs and video of the unveiling of the Lito Lab, and video recordings and presentation materials from a memorial lecture for Dr. Joselito Arocena by Mike Rutherford, Hugues Massicotte, and Paul Sanborn.

Dr. Joselito Arocena fonds

  • 2016.7
  • Fundo
  • 1988-2019

Fonds consists of the research and professorial records of Dr. Joselito Arocena, a founding faculty member of UNBC. Arocena was an internationally-recognized soil scientist and UNBC’s first Canada Research Chair. His records demonstrate his accomplishments as an academic and researcher, as well as his many and varied interdisciplinary research endeavours. Also included are selections from Arocena’s extensive photographic slide collection which illustrate his teaching, research projects, and personal interests.

Dr. Joselito Arocena

Personal Papers and Correspondence

Series consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, academic transcripts and diplomas, marriage announcements, a copy of a Last Will & Testament, a copy of a Court Order, a poster, a map, photographs, events programs, lyrics, a copy of a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship and an autograph book all pertaining to the personal life of Bridget Moran.

Honours and Awards

Series consists of photographs, event itineraries and programs, letters of congratulations, letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, invitations and place name cards all pertaining to Bridget’s receipt of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal, the B.C. Book Prize, and honourary doctorate degrees from both the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and the University of Victoria (UVic).

Career Related Materials

Series consists of annual reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, records of employment, a Retirement Party guest book, business cards, invitations, speeches, appointment announcements, pamphlets, Bridget Moran's "Oath of Allegiance; Office and Revenue to the Government of British Columbia", social work reports, contracts, copies of Employee Earnings Statements, background material on the case Hale vs. Her Majesty the Queen, and social work notebooks all pertaining to Bridget's career as a social worker with the Province of British Columbia and the Prince George School District, and as a member of the College of New Caledonia (CNC) Board, the Legal Services Society of B.C. and People on Welfare.

R. J. Baker fonds

  • 2000.14
  • Fundo
  • 1960- 1961; 1989-1990

The R.J. Baker fonds is made up of two distinct series. The first consists of textual materials including reports and correspondence between R.J. Baker and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Job Training, as well as, copies of reports written by other consultants and by the Implementation Planning Group - all of which have as their subject the creation of a university in northern British Columbia. The second series consists of 26 audio reels created on the Nadleh Whuten (Nautley-Fort Fraser) First Nation community in 1960-61 by Baker while studying the Carrier language in Nautley, BC. The recordings comprise a linguistic study of the Carrier language of that distinct area.

Baker, Ron James

UNBC History Collection

  • 1993.1
  • Coleção
  • 1988-2019

Collection consists textual material, objects, and ephemera related to the history of the University of Northern British Columbia.

University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC Labour Action Ephemera Collection

  • 2019.15
  • Coleção
  • Nov. 2019

Growing collection of strike ephemera from students, CUPE staff, and faculty members at UNBC. Collection includes picketing signs, strike buttons, photographs and videos from pickets and UNBC Faculty Association events during the strike, as well as posters and other ephemera from the UNBC Occupiers group.

Joselito Arocena PhD fieldwork in Alberta foothills

File consists of slides depicting Joselito Arocena's University of Alberta PhD fieldwork at a research site in the Alberta foothills near Hinton. Arocena had just started his PhD fieldwork in 1988 under the supervision of Dr. Steve Pawluk. Persons depicted in the photographs include: Joselito Arocena (red hat), Dr. Steve Pawluk (blue hat), and Dr. Marvin Dudas. The photographer was Paul Sanborn, who was near completion of a 1-year post-doc with Dr. Pawluk.


Series consists of the photographs taken and collected by Dr. Joselito Arocena. Arocena kept an extensive photographic slide collection for teaching, demonstration, research, and personal purposes. Included here from his slide collection is a large selection of images that feature his UNBC work and the Northern BC region. This series also contains digital photographs that Arocena created or collected.

Digital photographs from external hard drives

File consists of digital photographs from Dr. Joselito Arocena's external hard drives. Images depict a variety of subjects, including research imagery, photographs from Arocena's travels, UNBC, the construction of the UNBC Northern Medical Program building, Prince George, and the Northern BC region.

NRES brochures

File consists of digital images for use in UNBC NRES brochures. Also includes accompanying text for the brochures.

Yukon 2002

File consists of slides depicting a visit to Yukon Territory in 2002, including Dawson City.

Prince George City Hall and UNBC

File consists of slides depicting Prince George City Hall in winter, The Keg restaurant in Prince George, the UNBC parking lot, and a UNBC office.

Gladstone/Domano parking lot fire soil

File consists of slides depicting the UNBC parking lot, the Domano/Gladstone intersection in Prince George, the Bill Reid banners in the UNBC administration building, a car fire, and UNBC faculty and staff.

UNBC Convocation 2001

File consists of slides depicting UNBC Convocation 2001, forestry graduates, Chris Opio, NRES faculty, and Joselito Arocena.

FSTY 205 and FSTY 404

File consists of slides depicting Bear Lake, FSTY 205 students, FSTY 404 students, a forestry field camp, Aleza Lake, Paul Sanborn, and UNBC campus.

FSTY 205 in September 1998

File consists of slides depicting FSTY 205 students, the Prince George Organic Rehabilitation Program, Chris Opio, Linette Keller, and Clear Lake.

Beaumont and Pine Park

File consists of slides depicting Totuk Lake, chernozem, Vanderhoof, a log house, Beaumont Provincial Park, Tamarack Lake, Dahl Lake, an ant hill, and red soil.

Totuk Lake and McBride

File consists of slides depicting McBride, Totuk Lake, fluvial soil, Westwin, colluvial soil, and Dr. Joselito Arocena.

UNBC - Aug. 6, 1997

File consists of slides depicting Princeton, the Coquihalla, UNBC faculty and staff, an event, the Okanagan, Osoyoos, Okanagan Falls, a vineyard, Vernon, soil profiles, and a ginseng plantation.

UNBC event and Prince George Forest Region LTSPS

File consists of slides depicting an event at UNBC (possibly related to FRBC or FORFAC?), UNBC faculty and staff, and plot signs at the Long Term Soil Productivity Study in the Prince George Forest Region.

University Way

File consists of slides depicting UNBC faculty and work being performed on University Way.

FSTY 205 / FSTY 425 in 1996

File consists of slides depicting FSTY 205 students, Tyner Boulevard, Forests for the World, Chilcotin River, FSTY 425 students, Aleza Lake, soil profiles, and luvisol.

ESSF 96, SBS 95

File consists of slides depicting research samples and sites, possibly relating to "ESSF 96, SBS 95".

Williston Lake and Lake Babine

File consists of slides depicting Teapot Mountain, Bear Lake, UNBC campus, Lake Babine, Log Lake, West Lake, Pineview, Eskers Provincial Park, Williston Lake, and a moose.

FSTY 205 in 1996

File consists of slides depicting a sunset, FSTY 205 students, McGregor Model Forest, and possibly a flare pit.

FSTY 205 in 1995

File consists of slides depicting FSTY 205 students, Dave Jackson, Don Bernier, and research sites.

SBS research

File consists of slides excerpted from an envelope entitled "Brandon fire". The slides appear to depict research on SBS soil.

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