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Fruit Trees

Photograph depicts young fruit trees planted in fenced area with small wind mill, hills in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "This is part of the fruit trees if you place it along side of the other one you can see the...

Farm Landscape

Photograph depicts two horses in one of many fenced areas, buildings and machinery in background. Highway, house, and forest also visible in distance.

Large crop of potatoes

Typed caption glued to album page directly below photograph reads: "43. Large crop of Potatoes." Photograph depicts a large field of potatoes in the fore and mid ground and a fence and stand of trees in the background. Photographer: Domi...

Orchard Irrigation - Danger Keep Out

Image depicts water flowing through an irrigation channel in an orchard, somewhere in or near Seton Portage, B.C. There is a sign which reads: "Danger Keep out."

[A Farm?]

Image depicts what appears to be a farm up on a hill, mostly surrounded by open fields. The location is uncertain.

[Cypress Hill?]

Image depicts two unidentified individuals and a van on a farm at an uncertain location, possibly a place called Cypress Hill, with an atmometer and a sunshine recorder.


Image depicts an agricultural field, most likely near Prince George, B.C.

Small Farm

Image depicts an aerial view of what appears to be a small farm, possibly in the McGregor Canyon.

Gaar Scott traction engine in Alberta

Photograph depicts the rear view of the Gaar Scott traction engine parked at Texcoc Station in Nanton, Alberta. The rear wheels have a 2'9" tread. It was used on farms for haulage, threshing, chaff cutting etc., but not plowing.

Traction engine at Nanton, Alberta

Photograph depicts a traction engine built by Sawyer Massey in Hamilton, Ontario. It has a single cylinder and large fire box for burning wood or straw. The engine is located in Nanton, Alberta.

Mary John Standing in Field

Photograph depicts Mary John wearing flower print dress in cut field. Hay bales, trees, and fence in background.

Traction engines at Nanton, Alberta

Photograph depicts traction engines owned by Jack Burrows in Nanton, Alberta. There are six in this photo, all of which appear could be steamed, another two in derelict condition, and one in the village in working order. Running from front to rear...

Taped interviews by Bob Harkins with B. Hollinger, K. Stratton, B. Harrower, A. Dornbierer, K. Bersohn, R. Thorsen, K. Matthews, B. Martin and V. Litnosky

File consists of 1 audiocassette of people interviewed by Bob Harkins. Side A consists of interviews on a number of topics. Bart Hollinger discusses energy alternatives; Kerri Stratton conductor of the New Caledonia Symphony; Betty Harrower discu...

Unloading hay from Flatbed Trailer

Footage of men unloading hay for cattle from a horse-drawn flat bed trailer, a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, and people being driven in flat bed tractor out to a small silver plane and taking off.

Oats at Fort Fraser

Typed caption glued to album page directly below photograph reads: "14. Oats at Fort Fraser." Photograph depicts a field of oats edged by a wooden fence. Photographer: Dominion Stock & Bond Corporation.

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