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David Davies Railway Collection Com objeto digital
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Kingsvale station

Photograph depicts the KVR station in Kingsvale. Had a siding or spur that held 24 cars. Back in 1973, it had a waiting shack and water tower.

Kingsvale section man's house

Photograph depicts a section man's house, now private property. Most section men's houses were demolished in the last 20 years from when the photograph had been taken, so Davies noted the example was a rarity.

KVR Coalmont station

Photograph taken at the KVR station in Coalmont. It once had coal sidings for the nearby coal mine, but they had been removed. It also had passing siding for 33 cars. Now made inoperable.

Section bunk house

Photograph depicts a CPR section bunk house in Midway. On the left was a living room with two windows, stove, and sink. Bedroom with one window and two beds located on the right.

Main line of Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd.

Photograph taken in front of the 'main line' that led to a pulp mill and river crossing. To the left was a lesser used connector to the CN main line. Behind the camera was a 4-track interchange yard. Beyond that, the CN line to Alberta c...

CPR Myra Canyon

Photograph taken at CPR Myra Canyon. On the 'Save the Trestles' expedition after a line closure at the location.

CPR Myra Canyon

Photograph taken at CPR Myra Canyon. On the 'Save the Trestles' expedition after a line closure at the location.

CPR Pitt River swing bridge

Photograph depicts the Pitt River swing bridge in an open position. Apparently, it opened up to half a dozen times a day to allow large pleasure crafts to go through. Photograph taken at high tide when little clearance occurred.

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line in Vancouver. Confusingly, the street is called "Mainland" but the box cars were spotted at the rear of 1152 Hamilton St. The nearest car is a Penn Central 167223, built in November 1972 and behind it is C...

View in a lane by Richards St. in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a view in a lane on the south side of the 1300 block of Richards St. in Vancouver. It includes a Louisville & Nashville car # L&N 109534, that is "paper loading only", has blue paintwork, and was built in June ...

Rail and road lane at the end of Homer St.

Photograph depicts a view looking northeast down a rail and road lane at the west end of Homer St. in Vancouver. It shows CP box car #296105 with end loading doors, built in November 1951. The car was empty. The rail in this area is dated 1911.

CPR grade crossing gates in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR grade crossing gates adjacent to the intersection of Alexander and Columbia Streets. The signal (gate control) tower is in the background. The view is looking east.

View of CPR yards in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a general view of the C.P.R. yards adjacent to Ballantyne Pier in Vancouver. The sheeted units in the middle distance consist of an export train of 11 locies, travelling dear, just brought in by the G.N.R. switcher. The locomoti...

CPR roundhouse at False Creek yards

Photograph depicts a CPR roundhouse at the False Creek yards in Vancouver. The tender of stored locomotive #2860 is protruding, as the house cannot taken the length of this locomotive. Locomotive #2860 is a 4-6-4 Royal Hudson, built in 1940 at th...

CPR False Creek yards

Photograph depicts the CPR False Creek yards in Vancouver. Turning the "Canadian" on the loop. An observation car is in the foreground. The view is looking southwest.

CPR line at Revelstoke

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Revelstoke. It shows the termination of a spur running southwest through the city for about 1/2 mile from the main line to the cliff edge, below which runs the Columbia River. It may originally have been built to...

CPR at Haig, BC

Photograph depicts the CPR at Haig, B.C. It is at mile 40.1 from North Bend. Since about 1970 it has ceased to exist as it no longer appears in the staff timetables. Prior to the building of the road/rail bridge at Hope in 1916/1917 it was the clo...

CPR car at Haig, BC

Photograph depicts the CPR at Haig, B.C. It is at mile 40.1 from North Bend. It is close to Hope but on the opposite side of the Fraser River. This is a water tank car, formerly a locomotive tender, possibly #41575. It had no dates.

Abbotsford CPR depot

Photograph depicts the Abbotsford CPR depot. It was built circa 1910-1914 and was the second depot built by the CPR in the town. It is at mile 6.7 on the the Huntingdon branch from Mission City. It was last used for passenger traffic in October 19...

CPR rail yard at Haney, BC

Photograph depicts the outer western limits of the CPR yard at Haney. The car is loaded with poles about 15 to 20 ft. log, 2 sets per car, which had been loaded somewhere else in BC within the previous week.

CPR line near Spences Bridge

Photograph depicts the CPR line 3 miles south of Spences Bridge at road overpass. There is a Sperry rail fault detection car moving steadily up the grade at about 30mph. It did not stop at Spences Bridge. The view is looking south, downhill.

CPR storehouse at Mission City

Photograph depicts a CPR storehouse at Mission City. It was marked as "Petroleum Store" but in fact was holding speeders and miscellaneous track equipment. It was sited on the north side of the track at the extreme east end of the depot ...

Old CPR boxcar at Savona

Photograph depicts old CPR boxcar #42018 at Savona, on the west end of Kamloops Lake. It was built in July 1922 and is now in work service. It has steel ends and frame but wooden sides.

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