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Alberni Pacific Railway train

Photograph depicts an Alberni Pacific Railway train travelling on Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway track, not used since 2002 and was now at the beginning of a connecting spur to a steam sawmill museum. It was built in 2000, but commenced in the 20...

McLean sawmill switcher

Photograph depicts a tiny switcher that belonged to the McLean sawmill and was buily by Buda of New Westminster, circa 1927. Sat on unconnected trackage adjacent to the Alberni Pacific Railway and was part of a sawmill exhibit.

CNR heavy duty snow plow

Photograph depicts a CNR heavy duty plow, built in 1939. Became property of the Kamloops Heritagae Railway Society. Photo captures details of a door on its left side.

Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway main line

Photograph taken on the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway main line out of Port Alberni with run-around siding over the right out of sight. Yard is found towards the rear. On the left, there was private trackage of the Nordeske paper mill that was i...

Logging caboose

Photograph depicts a primitive logging caboose. Believed to have been built by or for the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway in 1898.

Alberni Pacific Railway locomotive

Photograph depicts an Alberni Pacific Railway locomotive built in 1929 by Baldwin. After at least four years of restoration, it commenced running in 2001. It was spotted outside of a locomotive shed in Port Alberni.

Alberni Pacific Railway train

Photograph depicts a train commencing its trip in its yard, not at the station, in Port Alberni. Locomotive at the lower/city end (ie formation at the end of the last trip). It, at the time, needed to get to the head-end, so it took the siding.

Alberni Pacific Railway water tank

Photograph depicts a water tank car used for fighting line side fires. Propery of Alberni Pacific tourist railway. Sat in a yard in Port Alberni. Formerly owned by Crown Zellerbach of Ladysmith.

Tank car

Photograph depicts an old tank car owned by a logging railway on Vancouver Island, parked at the end of a spur behind a locomotive shed of the Alberni Pacific Railway.

Alberni Pacific Railway train

Photograph depicts the Pacific Rails Convention of Victoria on a field trip to Port Alberni. Travelling on the Alberni Pacific Railway to visit a steam-driven sawmill at its outer terminal. Chartered trip for convention members (one coach/bus load...

CNR heavy duty snow plow

Photograph depicts a CNR heavy duty plow, built in 1939. Became property of the Kamloops Heritagae Railway Society. Image captures a close up of the coupler and moveable lower front plate.

Comox Logging Railway device

Photograph depicts a homemade (?) device used to scour boiler tubs of scale. Taken at the former site of the Comox Logging Railway's yard and maintenance facilities.

Okanagan Valley Railway freight

Photograph depicts 2 car freight near Oyama on the CN branch from Kelowna to Vernon. The lead locomotive was lettered "Hudson Bay Railway." Central Kansas Railway may be a parent.

Port Alberni station

Photograph depicts a renovated Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway station in Port Alberni. It was now used by Alberni Pacific tourist railway.

Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway, Parksville

Photograph depicts Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway trackage in Parksville. Looking north beyond the junction with the Alberni branch line. The spur on the left seemed to be used, but the siding on the right did not.

CNR tractor

Photograph depicts a CNR tractor, an old piece of Maintenance of Way equipment coverted to haul equipment required to run at low speeds. It also saved switchers.

Fairmont Tamper

Photograph depicts equipment that says "Fairmont Tamper," but Davies states that it must be a ballast reclaimer and screener.

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