The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds Inventory list

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2009.6.01 Photographs Series 1937 - 2007
2009.6.1.7 Iona Campagnolo in helicopter with unidentified man dressed as Santa on a CHTK radio Christmas Lighthouse tour, Prince Rupert, December 1970 Item 1970 View
2009.6.1.8 Iona Campagnolo shaking the hand of Pope Paul VI Item [ca. 1977] View
2009.6.1.13 May Diver in Costume as Mary Stuart, kneeling before unidentified man Item April 1972 View
2009.6.1.17 Rosemary Gilbert in Costume as Queen Elizabeth Item April 1972 View
2009.6.1.22 Iona Campagnolo with the Male Chorus of 'Fiddler on the Roof,' Prince Rupert, BC Item February 1974 View
2009.6.1.30 Nelson Kenney and Iona Campagnolo in formal wear and corsages Item [ca. 1970] View
2009.6.1.51 Unidentified man and woman talking to Iona Campagnolo in front of a Tsimshian longhouse Item [ca. 1965] View
2009.6.1.55 Iona Campagnolo shaking hands with an unidentified First Nations man in front of a longhouse while several others look on Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.60 Iona Campagnolo talking to an unidentified man outside while another man and a dog look on Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.64 Iona Campagnolo being interviewed by a young male reporter Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.69 Iona Campagnolo speaks at podium emblazoned with Canadian flag Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.73 Distorted image of Iona Campagnolo [?] with trees in background Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.77 Iona Campagnolo talks to three cowboys and one unidentified man carrying baby at the Kispiox Rodeo Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.78 Iona Campagnolo talks to unidentified man sitting inside industrial machine Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.82 Pierre Trudeau and Iona Campagnolo smile back at Margaret Trudeau Item June 1974 View
2009.6.1.86 Iona Campagnolo speaks to crowd from microphone Item June 1974 View
2009.6.1.91 Pierre Trudeau speaks to crowd, arm around unidentified man, and Iona Campagnolo behind him Item July 1974 View
2009.6.1.95 M.P. Iona Campagnolo speaking to Unidentified Man and Woman Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.100 M.P. Iona Campagnolo receives gift at a reception in Jeanne Sauvé’s riding, Ahuntsic, late 1974 Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.104 M.P. Iona Campagnolo with Unidentified Woman at St. Jean Militaire College Item [between 1974 and 1976] View
2009.6.1.109 'Living Room Speech,' Terrace, 1975 - Several unidentified people sit listening to Iona Campagnolo speak Item 1975 View
2009.6.1.113 Iona Campagnolo speaking with Mr. Pickering at the sodturning ceremony for the opening of the Prince Rupert Fairview Terminal Item 3 January 1975 View
2009.6.1.117 M.P. Iona Campagnolo speaks at Douglas Day, flanked by two RCMP, two Canadian and two British Columbian flags Item 19 November 1975 View
2009.6.1.118 M.P. Iona Campagnolo talking to nine unidentified individuals seated inside a curtained room, ca. 1975 Item [ca. 1975] View
2009.6.1.122 M.P. Iona Campagnolo speaking at podium labeled “The Four Seasons Vancouver” with three unidentified men sitting at her sides Item [ca. 1975] View
2009.6.1.126 Tall Snowbanks along Highway 16 and the Skeena, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View
2009.6.1.131 Snow along Highway 16 and the Skeena, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View
2009.6.1.135 Close View of M.P. Iona Campagnolo wearing a coat and toque, standing in front of parliament buildings in Ottawa, January 1976 Item January 1976 View
2009.6.1.140 Environmentalists and concerned citizens protest against proposed Kitimat Oil Port, Kitimat, BC Item [1976?] View
2009.6.1.144 Minister Iona Campagnolo signing autographs for group of six unidentified children from the side of a vehicle Item [1976?] View
2009.6.1.150 Minister Iona Campagnolo leading a gymnasium full of youths in a fitness routine, Terrace, BC Item [1977?] View
2009.6.1.154 Iona Campagnolo speaks during Tour to bring television access from Yukon to Atlin, 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.159 Unidentified man on stage during tour to bring television access from Yukon to Atlin, 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.163 Minister Iona Campagnolo and Hugh Faulkner seated with others at a media ‘Round Table,’ 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.167 Minister Iona Campagnolo and unidentified man speak to group of eighteen boys in front of the Terrace Hockey School, summer 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.168 Minister Iona Campagnolo pins a rose to the lapel of an unidentified woman inside a busy hockey arena, summer 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.172 Minister Iona Campagnolo holds bouquet of wildflowers with Moricetown Canyon in background, summer 1977 Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.176 Minister Iona Campagnolo speaks to unidentified person out of frame in a circle of chairs set up in hotel room Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.181 Close View of Newfoundland Premier Frank Moores and Minister Iona Campagnolo at opening ceremonies of the Canada Summer Games, St. John’s, August 1977 Item August 1977 View
2009.6.1.185 Minister Iona Campagnolo gives speech at an independent school during a fundraiser in Terrace, BC Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.190 Five leaning, carved memorial poles, Ninstints, Anthony Island, Haida Gwaii, September 1977 Item September 1977 View
2009.6.1.194 John Lapadat, Minister Iona Campagnolo, and Carmen Graf link arms in front of a small plane, Smithers, BC Item September 1977 View
2009.6.1.199 Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo consults with group of four men about Che Guevara’s writings while Amber Gary looks on through mirror Item [1977 or 1978] View
2009.6.1.203 Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo, Jorge Garcia Bango, and an unidentified translator stand talking Item [1977 or 1978] View
2009.6.1.207 Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo poses in front of State Guest House with Chuck Pilfold, Havana, Cuba Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.208 Ministry of Sport Tour - Ian Howard and Eric Morse pose in La Bodeguita, Havana, Cuba Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.212 Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo speaks to unidentified woman in La Bodeguita, Havana, Cuba Item 1977 View
2009.6.1.216 Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo at crowded table in La Bodeguita, Havana, Cuba Item January 1978 View
2009.6.1.221 Ministry of Sport Tour - Close view of Minister Iona Campagnolo smiling beneath a lime arbour Item 1977 View
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