H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2002.7.1.1 British Columbia Legislative Assembly Item 1928 View
2002.7.1.6 Portrait of HGT Perry Item ca.1950 View
2002.7.1.10 Rustic log raft - South Fort George Item 1912 View
2002.7.1.16 Political Campaign - WAC Bennet & HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 (?) View
2002.7.1.20 Family photographs from England: Lil & Jim Moore walking arm in arm down the street Item ca.1950 View
2002.7.1.25 Family photographs from England: Mother and Baby John Item ca.1954 View
2002.7.1.30 Family photographs from England: Baby John sitting up in his carriage Item ca.1954 View
2002.7.1.33 Family photographs from England: Sam Beer's "Mum" Item Sept. 1959 View
2002.7.1.34 Family photographs from England: Nephew Sam Beer who grows prize Mums Item Aug. 1959 View
2002.7.1.38 Prince Rupert Daily News - Press Room Item View
2002.7.1.42 Prince Rupert Daily News - Incoming view of Main Office and Reception Counter Item View
2002.7.1.47 CKPG interview of HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 View
2002.7.1.52 George Murray (MLA), Mark Connelly (MLA), J.G. Ingram (?) (MP) & Harry Perry Item Aug. 1937 View
2002.7.1.57 Downtown Fort George after a devasting fire Item 13 Nov. 1914 View
2002.7.1.61 Storefront of Harry G. Perry Tailor shop Item 1912 View
2002.7.1.66 "Hunting" Item ca.1912 View
2002.7.1.70 Liberal Picnic at Six Mile Lake Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.74 Group photo featuring members of the BC Legislative Assembly Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.75 Harry Perry standing next to BC Premier Pattullo while he signs a document Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.145 Banks of the Peace River Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.82 Portaging from Rocky Mountain to Hudson's Hope Item Sept. 1921 View
2002.7.1.87 Imperial Oil drilling station near Pouce Coupe River Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.95 Row boat stuck on a river bed Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.99 Arrival of Liberal politicians to the Peace River Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.104 Jimmie Mattern in Prince George after his crossing from Siberia Item 27 July 1933 View
2002.7.1.108 Plane in the sky, Fort St. John Item 1930 View
2002.7.1.113 Group photo taken outside featuring Harry Perry, Hon. W. Sutherland, Hon. T.D. Pattullo, and M. Manson Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.117 Unidentified man standing on a frozen river Item ca. 1912 View
2002.7.1.120 Harry Perry sits with Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Parker, T.D. Pattullo, Mrs. McLean and Alex Manson at a picnic table at a Liberal Party picnic Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.121 Six moose walking along a frozen river near Prince George, BC Item 1914 View
2002.7.1.125 People standing on the bridge during the opening ceremonies for the McBride Bridge Item 1925 View
2002.7.1.129 Group photo of attendees at a reception held at HGT Perry's house in honour of a visit by Lieutenant Governor Bruce Item 1926 View
2002.7.1.134 Ne Parle Pas Rapids on the Peace River Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.138 Harry Perry and two men in a boat heading up the Peace River Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.143 Harry Perry stands with two men at the Johnson Farm in Salmon Valley Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.2.1 Appendix to Interim Report of the Post-War Rehabilitation Council C.1 File
2002.7.2.10 Speakers’ Decisions 1877-1915 Copy 2 File
2002.7.2.14 Speakers’ Decisions 1931-1943 Copy 2 File
2002.7.2.15 Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia:The British North America Acts 1867 to 1930. The Terms of Union 1930 File
2002.7.2.19 Printed Materials - Scrapbook File
2002.7.2.118 General Notes: Speeches 1943- 44 File
2002.7.2.122 “Postwar Reconstruction” File
2002.7.2.127 WWII/ Peace File
2002.7.2.131 “Provincial Election 1941” File
2002.7.2.136 ‘Editorials, Letters, Misc’ File
2002.7.2.140 “Notes, Polls, etc” File
2002.7.2.144 “Federal Election 1930” File
2002.7.2.147 Memorandum re: Mining in B.C File
2002.7.2.152 Honourary Positions File
2002. Perry Election Posters Item 1945
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