H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
2002. Rupert Daily News PMT Item
2002.7.1.10 Rustic log raft - South Fort George Item 1912 View
2002.7.2.73 Scrapbook Perry Municipal Report 1921- 23 File
2002.7.2.54 Scrapbook – Speaker of the House File
2002.7.1.48 Seasons Greetings from Karl Anderson Item ca. 1950 View
2002.7.2.23 Second Annual Report of the BC Power Commission, 1947 File
2002.7.2.71 Sessional Papers BC – Volume I – 1937 bound File
2002.7.2.72 Sessional Papers BC – Volume II – 1940 bound File
2002.7.1.102 Settlement visible on distant river shores in the Peace River district Item 1921 View
2002.7.2.113 Sirois Report File
2002.7.2.18 Sirois Report File
2002.7.1.121 Six moose walking along a frozen river near Prince George, BC Item 1914 View
2002.7.1.142 Sowing seeds on Lot 2758R, Mandalay Farm Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.2.9 Speakers’ Decisions 1877-1915 Copy 1 File 1877-1915
2002.7.2.10 Speakers’ Decisions 1877-1915 Copy 2 File
2002.7.2.11 Speakers’ Decisions 1916-1930 Copy 1 File
2002.7.2.12 Speakers’ Decisions 1916-1930 Copy 2 File
2002.7.2.13 Speakers’ Decisions 1931-1943 Copy 1 File
2002.7.2.14 Speakers’ Decisions 1931-1943 Copy 2 File
2002.7.2.120 Speeches Political, Hydro File
2002.7.2.103 Speeches, Correspondence, Printed Materials; Liberal Party 1920 – 1953 : File
2002.7.2.116 Speeches, notes on democracy etc File
2002.7.1.12 Stage coach on the Cariboo Trail Item 1912 View
2002.7.2.15 Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia:The British North America Acts 1867 to 1930. The Terms of Union 1930 File
2002.7.1.61 Storefront of Harry G. Perry Tailor shop Item 1912 View
2002. Suggested Highway Routes to Alaska Item
2002. Suggested Highway Routes to Alaska, 1938 Item
2002.7.2.5 Summary of Recommendations Reports – Post-War Rehabilitation Council File
2002.7.2.40 Text of Address, Plenary Session Dominion-Provincial Conference, 1945 File
2002.7.2.100 The Board of Railway – Prince George 1920 File
2002.7.1.135 The Gates on the Peace River Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.4 The mail stage leaving Ashcroft for Fort George - Distance 375 miles Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.9 The track laying machine, George Street, Prince George Item 1 Feb. 1914 View
2002.7.1.137 Three horses pulling a John Deere tractor across a field on Lot 2371, Mandalay Farm Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.100 Three men in a boat being poled up the Crooked River Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.141 Three men seated in the stern of a boat sailing on Crooked River Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.1.144 Three men with backpacks, snowshoes and packdogs stand in a snowy forest clearing Item ca.1921 View
2002. Transcanadian – Alaska Railway Proposed Route Item
2002.7.1.7 Two of the BC Express steamers at Fort George, BC, No. 200 Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.115 Two unidentified men standing on a frozen river Item ca.1912 View
2002.7.2.107 UBC File
2002.7.1.116 Unidentified man and his dog team, Fort George, BC Item 1912 View
2002.7.1.71 Unidentified man holding a football trophy Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.139 Unidentified man standing in a waist high field of grain Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.117 Unidentified man standing on a frozen river Item ca. 1912 View
2002.7.1.112 Unidentified man standing with a cow and a calf at a Vanderhoof ranch Item ca.1923 View
2002.7.2.42 United Nations Charter File
2002.7.1.123 View of Liberal Party picnic taken from across Six Mile Lake Item 1923 View
2002.7.2.127 WWII/ Peace File
2002.7.2.44 WWII/Peace Printed Materials File
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