H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2002.7.2.142 Fort George Provincial Election, 1949 File
2002.7.2.149 Labour Relations Courts – 1958 Convention File
2002. BC 1958 Invitation to Centennial Party Item
2002. BC/Yukon Map & Downtown PG Map Item
2002. Mineral Claims, Quesnel Item
2002. Alaska Highway Commission Item
2002.7.3 Business Ventures Series 1950-1959
2002.7.3.4 P.G. Citizen Sale File
2002.7.3.5 Financial Statement & Correspondence - Prince Rupert Daily File
2002. Rupert Daily News PMT Item
Frank Samuel Perry File
2002.7.4.5 Correspondence re Florence Perry File
2002.7.4.9 Karl Anderson Correspondence File
2002.7.4.14 Correspondence, Family 1930s RESTRICTED File
2002.7.4.18 England ‘Summer and Christmas parcels’ File
2002.7.4.27 Bank Account Passbook File
2002.7.5.3 ‘Bursaries Students’ File
2002.7.5.4 ‘Cheque Cancelled’ File
2002.7.4.23 ‘HGT Perry –Tributes – Death’ File
2002.7.2.34 City of Prince George Financial Statements; Act to Amend Electric Power Act File
2002.7.2.58 Pacific Great Eastern Railway & Alaska Highway Scrapbook File
2002.7.1 Photographs Series 1912-1959
2002.7.1.5 One of the last pack trains in America, Ashcroft, BC Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.9 The track laying machine, George Street, Prince George Item 1 Feb. 1914 View
2002.7.1.15 Portrait of HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 (?) View
2002.7.1.19 Political Campaign - WAC Bennet & HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 (?) View
2002.7.1.23 Family photographs from England: Wedding party Item 1958-1959 View
2002.7.1.24 Family photographs from England: Family sitting ouside a trailer Item 1958-1959 View
2002.7.1.28 Family photographs from England: Baby John sitting up in his carriage Item ca.1954 View
2002.7.1.32 Family photographs from England: John pushing Christine in a wagon Item April 1957 View
2002.7.1.37 Prince Rupert Daily News - private apartment upstairs Item View
2002.7.1.41 Prince Rupert Daily News - Two women attending the Main Office and Reception Counter Item View
2002.7.1.46 Harry G. Perry Tailor and Clothier shop Item 1912-1914 View
2002.7.1.50 Card of best wishes to HGT Perry from M.S. Hornby Item 1944 View
2002.7.1.56 Opening of the BC Legislature Item 25 Feb. 1936 View
2002.7.1.60 First engine to Prince George Item Jan. 1914 View
2002.7.1.64 Central Ave. Fort George Item ca.1912 View
2002.7.1.65 Prince George High School Item ca.1912 View
2002.7.1.69 Canyon, Hudson's Hope Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.73 Canyon, Hudson's Hope Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.78 On the way to the Peace Item Sept. 1921 View
2002.7.1.81 Harry Perry standing with a group of eight men Item Sept. 1921 View
2002.7.1.86 Harry Perry standing next to an Imperial Oil drilling station Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.90 Alexander Mackenzie Monument, Dean Channel near Ocean Falls, BC Item 11 Sept. 1935
2002.7.1.94 Group photo among the haystacks Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.98 Group portrait of the BC Legislative Assembly Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.103 Landscape perspective in the Peace River district Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.107 Jimmie Mattern standing next to the propeller of his plane, Prince George Item 27 July 1933 View
2002.7.1.111 Premier Brewster and the Hon. T.D. Pattullo and party in a boat on the Peace River Item ca.1923 View
2002.7.1.112 Unidentified man standing with a cow and a calf at a Vanderhoof ranch Item ca.1923 View
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