H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2002.7.2.16 Empire Parliamentary Conference, Visit to the UK, 1935 File
2002.7.2.20 Report on Proposed Iron & Steel Works File
2002.7.2.24 Report of the Rural Electrification Committee, 1944 File
2002.7.2.25 Report of the Rural Electrification Committee, 1945 File
2002.7.2.29 ‘British Legion Journal,’ 1935 File
2002.7.2.38 Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points File
2002.7.2.42 United Nations Charter File
2002.7.2.48 Printed Materials, Misc File
2002.7.2.52 Report of the Alaskan International Highway Commission - 1940 File
2002.7.2.57 H.G. T. Perry –entitled “1937 Session Book 2” File
2002.7.2.61 “BC Parliamentary Session, 1935-1936 Newsclippings” File
2002.7.2.66 “BC Parliamentary Session, Newsclippings, 1942” File
2002.7.2.70 “BC Parliamentary Session, Newsclippings, 1945” File
2002.7.2.74 ‘Election Advertisment’ File
2002.7.2.75 “BC Parliamentary Session, Newsclippings, loose 1943” File
2002.7.2.79 “BC Parliamentary Session, Newsclippings, 1945 – Loose” File
2002.7.2.83 “PGE Peace and Alaska Highway Reports Newsclippings” File
2002.7.2.88 Misc, Materials P.G File
2002.7.2.92 “War Aims – New Order” File
2002.7.2.97 Meetings, Speakers of House 1930’s File
2002.7.2.101 HGP Clippings and Liberal and other Files File
2002.7.2.106 ‘Notes, Clippings’ H.G. Perry, Misc File
2002.7.2.110 “Letters , filed” 1940s File
2002.7.2.114 “HGT Perry, Speeches & Speaking Notes, Empire Parliamentary Conference, 1935” File
2002.7.2.115 Empire Parliamentary Conference, 1935 File
2002.7.1.79 Fort St. John view from the Peace River Item 1921 View
2002.7.3.8 Correspondence re Will/ Carew Martin Q.C. re HGT Perry Will File 1948 - 1953
2002.7.3.3 HGT Perry – Re Archibald and Wilkes Land sale agreement File
2002.7.2.33 Promotional Brochures Prince George File
2002.7.1.4 The mail stage leaving Ashcroft for Fort George - Distance 375 miles Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.8 A section of the Grand Trunk townsite of Prince George Item 17 Dec. 1913 View
2002.7.1.12 Stage coach on the Cariboo Trail Item 1912 View
2002.7.1.14 Woman standing on a dirt path with two young boys Item ca. 1912 View
2002.7.1.18 Political Campaign - WAC Bennet & HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 (?) View
2002.7.1.22 Family photographs from England: Margaret & Marchelle with a terrier dog Item 1958-1959 View
2002.7.1.27 Family photographs from England: Baby John lying in his carriage Item ca.1954 View
2002.7.1.29 Family photographs from England: Baby John sitting up in his carriage Item ca.1954 View
2002.7.1.36 Prince Rupert Daily News - street view of building Item View
2002.7.1.40 Prince Rupert Daily News - Man writing at a desk in the Reporter's Room Item View
2002.7.1.45 First Grand Jury - Prince George, B.C Item 1917 View
2002.7.1.49 Karl Anderson in Santa Monica Item Nov. 1957 View
2002.7.1.54 HGT Perry sitting in the BC Legislature Item 1938? View
2002.7.1.55 Hon. HGT Perry acting for the Premier during the refreshing of the BC Government Item 11 Nov. 1944 View
2002.7.1.59 Group of horse drawn carriages gathered next to W. Corbett's Livery Barn in Fort George Item 1912 View
2002.7.1.63 Collapsed GTP Railway bridge across the Fraser River at Prince George Item ca. 1915 View
2002.7.1.68 Harry Perry, Liberal Candidate, and Sam Cocker (?), Conservative Candidate, shaking hands Item 1920 View
2002.7.1.72 Bear Lake, Grand Prairie, Alta Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.77 Peace River landscape near Rolla Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.80 Meal time near Brennan's Flats Item Sept. 1921 View
2002.7.1.85 Ne Parle Pas Rapids, Peace River BC Item 1921 View
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