H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2002.7.1 Photographs Series 1912-1959
2002.7.1.5 One of the last pack trains in America, Ashcroft, BC Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.36 Prince Rupert Daily News - street view of building Item View
2002.7.1.37 Prince Rupert Daily News - private apartment upstairs Item View
2002.7.1.39 Prince Rupert Daily News - Corner of Managing-Editor's office Item View
2002.7.1.40 Prince Rupert Daily News - Man writing at a desk in the Reporter's Room Item View
2002.7.1.41 Prince Rupert Daily News - Two women attending the Main Office and Reception Counter Item View
2002.7.1.45 First Grand Jury - Prince George, B.C Item 1917 View
2002.7.1.47 CKPG interview of HGT Perry Item ca. 1950 View
2002.7.1.60 First engine to Prince George Item Jan. 1914 View
2002.7.1.63 Collapsed GTP Railway bridge across the Fraser River at Prince George Item ca. 1915 View
2002.7.1.65 Prince George High School Item ca.1912 View
2002.7.1.67 Prince George City Hall Item ca.1918 View
2002.7.1.75 Harry Perry standing next to BC Premier Pattullo while he signs a document Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.145 Banks of the Peace River Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.81 Harry Perry standing with a group of eight men Item Sept. 1921 View
2002.7.1.86 Harry Perry standing next to an Imperial Oil drilling station Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.92 Five men walking along a rocky river bank while a row boat is poled through Finlay Fork Rapids Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.96 Group photo featuring eight people standing outside a home in Hudson Hope Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.97 Banks along the Peace River Item ca.1920 View
2002.7.1.98 Group portrait of the BC Legislative Assembly Item 1921 View
2002.7.1.106 Group photo taken outside featuring Harry Perry, Hon. W. Sutherland, Hon. T.D. Pattullo, and M. Manson Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.107 Jimmie Mattern standing next to the propeller of his plane, Prince George Item 27 July 1933 View
2002.7.1.118 Liberal picnic at Six Mile Lake in Prince George Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.146 People sitting at a long row of picnic tables at a Liberal Party picnic Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.121 Six moose walking along a frozen river near Prince George, BC Item 1914 View
2002.7.1.122 Hon. W. Sutherland and Alex Manson sit at a picnic table at a Liberal Party picnic Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.130 Group photo of attendees at a reception held at HGT Perry's house in honour of a visit by Lieutenant Governor Bruce Item 1926 View
2002.7.1.131 Automobile stuck on Blackwater Road Item 1923 View
2002.7.1.132 First Burns Banquet Item ca.1913 View
2002.7.1.141 Three men seated in the stern of a boat sailing on Crooked River Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.1.142 Sowing seeds on Lot 2758R, Mandalay Farm Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.1.143 Harry Perry stands with two men at the Johnson Farm in Salmon Valley Item ca.1921 View
2002.7.2 Political Activities Series 1914 - 1959
2002.7.2.3 Reports of the Post-war Rehabilitation Council. 1943 & 1944 C.1 File
2002.7.2.4 Reports of the Post-War Rehabilitation Council. 1943 & 1944 C.2 File 1943-1944
2002.7.2.7 Advisory Committee on Reconstruction Report, 1943 File
2002.7.2.9 Speakers’ Decisions 1877-1915 Copy 1 File 1877-1915
2002.7.2.11 Speakers’ Decisions 1916-1930 Copy 1 File
2002.7.2.16 Empire Parliamentary Conference, Visit to the UK, 1935 File
2002.7.2.18 Sirois Report File
2002.7.2.151 Frank Perry – Candidate Sept 1956 clippings File
2002.7.2.26 Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Educational Finance, 1945 File
2002.7.2.28 War Aims File
2002.7.2.30 Liberalism File
2002.7.2.37 1944, Published Materials, Parliamentary Reports File
2002.7.2.42 United Nations Charter File
2002.7.2.44 WWII/Peace Printed Materials File
2002.7.2.45 Election – Coalition Misc Printed Material File
2002.7.2.49 Election – Coalition Misc File
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