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Geographic Features

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Sign Featuring Moricetown Canyon Rules

Photograph depicts sign in foreground outlining rules and restrictions for behaviour at Moricetown Canyon. Traditional fishing territory visible behind sign at waterfall in the Bulkley River, B.C. Highway and buildings can be seen in background.

Moran & Unknown Woman at Traditional Fishing Territory

Photograph depicts Moran seated to right of woman on bench in foreground. Waterfall area at Moricetown Canyon can be seen below, behind booth labeled "MONITER BOOTH". Highway and houses visible on opposite shore in background.

Bridget Moran at Gitwinksihlkw Suspension Bridge

Photograph depicts Moran standing in front of bridge featuring a sign reading "USE OF BRIDGE AT YOUR OWN RISK / GITWINKSIHLKW BAND COUNCIL". River below, hills on opposite shore in background.

River and Mountains

Photograph depicts wide river with forest shores on either side. Power lines in foreground, mountain in background.

Cross Country Ski Trails in Summer

Photograph depicts landscape scene. Tree, bridge, and sign featuring cross country skier in foreground. Fence, hills, and forest in background.

Bridget Moran at Metlakatla Lake, BC

Bridget Moran stands on road, unidentified buildings behind on either side. Lake and hills on opposite shore in background. Photo believed to be taken at Metlakatla Lake, B.C. Building on left speculated to be the St. Paul's Anglican Church L...

Unidentified Woman at Alaska Signage

Woman stands in front of sign that reads "ALASKA / STEWART 237 km / HYDER AK. 240 km / BEAR GLAC. 201 km". Second sign in background indicates restaurant, convenience store, and service centre. Car, road, and highway can be seen in midgr...

Group photo of five men

Photograph is a group photo of five men standing around a tent in a wintery wooded landscape; Knox McCusker stands first man from the right, with hands in pockets. Caption on verso reads: “Youthful K.F.McC. on the right. Probably Northern Ontario ...

Knox McCusker holding a fish

Photograph depicts Knox McCusker holding a fish outside a survey camp tent. Caption on verso reads: “Well say! Betty! A Toad River Indian”. It is believed this photo was taken at Tuchadi Lake.

Articles and Speeches Written by Knox Freemen McCusker

File consists of the following articles and speeches written by Knox McCusker: “Reminiscences of Knox McCusker” (63 typewritten pages) ; “Back and Beyond the Peace” by K.McCusker (taken from the Toronto Star Weekly Saturday May 5, 1928) – retyped ...

Research Materials Pertaining to the Life of Knox McCusker

File consists of the following materials: Letter to Vernon C. Brink from the National Archives of Canada re Knox McCusker holdings (March 1, 1999) ; Photocopy of article: “Living Landscapes: Exploring the wilds of northeaster BC” by Ross Peck and ...

Articles and Papers Written About Knox McCusker

File consists of the following items: “Mac” by D.L. Surveyor ; “Knox (Mac) McCusker: Dominion Land Surveyor” by E.L. Rutherford, V.C. Brink, R.S. Silver and M.Z. (Smokey) Neighbour ; Excerpts from Men and Meridians by Don W. Thomson ; Article re: ...

Sarah Glassey with Friend Named Vi

The pair stands on grassy shore, Sarah on right. Trees, water, and bridge visible in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Sarah + Vi." Both woman are believed to be members of group featured in items 2009.5.2.274 -...

Unknown Harbour

Photograph depicts what appears to be a row of small canoes in still water, opposite shore visible on horizon. Another small boat rests on dock in right foreground.

Fur Farm at Red Rock Lake, BC

Photograph depicts two log buildings in fenced area on lake shore, forest trees in background. A man can be seen standing near docking area and small boat pier extending into water in foreground. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: &qu...

Settlement on Shore

Photograph depicts a group of unidentified buildings in what appears to be an industrial area on opposite shore. River or lake in foreground, tree-covered hills in background.

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