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Geographic Features

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Geographic Features

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Geographic Features

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A House and Three People

Image depicts three people standing at the front door of a house at an uncertain location.

A House

Image depicts a house at an uncertain location.

Fraser River

Image depicts the Fraser River, south of Soda Creek, B.C.

Fraser Valley

Image depicts the Fraser Valley, looking north, possibly from Marguerite, B.C.


Image depicts a relatively flat section of land with hills in the distance; the location is uncertain.

Mine Site Equipment

Image depicts what appears to be a junkyard for old mining equipment at an uncertain location, though possibly near Gibraltar.

Open Pit

Image depicts an open mining pit at an uncertain location; it is possibly Gibraltar.

Slump [?]

Image depicts an unknown individual standing near what is most likely a slump slide at an uncertain location.

Disturbed Ground

Image depicts an area of disturbed ground, most likely due to a landslide, at an unknown location.


Image depicts a chasm full of trees at an unknown location.

Chasm Wall

Image depicts the wall of a chasm full of trees at an unknown location.

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