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Geographic Features

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Geographic Features

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Geographic Features

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Rock carvings

Carvings visible on a moss covered rocky outcrop. Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “Rock carvings. Copper Mountain, Al”.

The last big blast 21 January 1914

Photograph of a large explosion next to a huge pile of debris. Buildings are visible on either side and railroad track can be seen in the foreground. Annotation on recto reads: "The Last Big Blast, Prince Rupert BC 21 Jan 1914 McRae Bros. Photo"

SS Distributor at Prince Rupert

Photograph of the SS "Distributor" in the open water, with another vessel and mountains in the background. Several passengers and/or crew are visible on deck. Annotation on recto reads: "SS 'Distributor' at Prince Rupert, BC Allen Photo 5/June/0[?]."

Prince Rupert looking east from waterworks

Wide angle photograph of Prince Rupert sometime during the winter. There is snow on the ground and a marge mountain range is visible in the background. Annotation on recto reads: "Prince Rupert looking East from Waterworks J.D.A Pho 5/2."

Third Ave., Prince George, BC

Photo depicts a street perspective of Third Ave., in Prince George, BC, ca. 1950. Handwritten annotation in pen on verso of postcard reads: “You will undoubtedly notice that there are no tall buildings. I don’t think that there is one building in Prince George that is even five stories tall.”

Parker photograph collection

  • 2011.13
  • Collection
  • [between 1910 and 1930]

The photographs depict the geographic areas of Stewart, BC, Boundary Pass, Nelson River, Bitter Creek Glacier, Portland Canal, Red Cliff and Bear Creek; as well as the ships “Camosun” and “S.S. Prince George.” Types of subjects identified in this collection include: community life, surveying, mining and transportation (i.e. dog-sledding, horse and buggy, and the Portland Canal Short Line Railway “P.C.S.L. Rlwy”).

Corner of 5th and Columbia in Stewart, BC

Photograph taken from a low elevation of various businesses in Stewart, BC. Visible businesses include "The R. Boyd Young Co." and "Motel King Edward." Printed annotation on recto reads: "Cor. 5th and Columbia Sts. Stewart. B.C. Hughes #45."

Glacier near Stewart, BC

Photograph of a large glacier with several buildings at its foot. Printed annotation on recto reads: "Hughes #76 Glacier Near Stewart BC."

Moran Canyon

Image depicts a view of Moran Canyon in the Lillooet area. The Fraser River is visible on the left.

Lillooet - Howe Sound

  • 2012.13.1.054
  • Sous-série organique
  • [between 1977 and 1987]
  • Fait partie de Kent Sedgwick fonds

File contains slides depicting places around and between Lillooet and Howe Sound.

Lillooet River

Image depicts the Lillooet River at the head of Lillooet Lake.

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