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Geographic Features

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Scow's Last Lap

Photograph depicts a crew of 13 men on a scow believed to be maneuvering through the Upper Fraser River at Scow's Last Lap (Scow Rapids), downriver from the Grand Canyon of the Fraser. Trees on opposite shore in background, rocky shore in for...

Bob Potts Cooking on Red Deer River

Photograph depicts two men standing in front of a short tent. Cooking supplies are scattered throughout campsite. Trees cross midground, and snow-covered mountains stand in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "POTT FALL...

Plane on Summit Lake, BC

Handwritten caption above this photo reads: "Plane on Sumit Lake." Logs can be seen floating on water in foreground, as well as trees on opposite shore in background. The seaplane has the letters "CF-ATF" on its side.

View of Summit Lake

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Sumit Lake." Trees can be seen on shore jutting into the lake on left, as well as on opposite shore in distant background. Unidentified objects can be seen in distance, possibly buildings on ...

Bridge over Dog Creek

Photograph depicts a short wooden bridge spanning Dog Creek mid-ground and a stand of trees in the background. There are many Dog Creeks within British Columbia, it is believed this Dog Creek is located just south of Fort St. James, BC. Handwritte...

Mount Robson

Photograph depicts the snowy peak of Mt. Robson in distant background. Trees and power lines in foreground, two smaller hills cross mid ground. Handwritten photo caption below photograph reads: "Mount Robson B.C. Jasper Park - June 1923."

Ice Fishing on Watson Lake

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Waiting for the Plane at 'Watson'" Photograph depicts unidentified man standing on ice and holding a fish. The ice in the area behind him has been broken, creating a smal...

Royal Canadian Air Force

Sand Creek on Fraser River, BC

Photograph depicts small log buildings and loaded wagons in cleared dirt area. Building on far left has the sign "POOL HALL" posted on front . Treetops, lumber piles, and hills in background. Mountains can be seen in distance. Handwritte...

Prince George Townsite, From Above

Photograph depicts the major buildings and streets of the town. Sloped cutbank visible across the Nechako River in background. It is believed that this photograph was taken from Connaught Hill. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph reads: ...

Bill Barnett at Stern of Canoe

Photograph depicts three men guiding canoe through water. Bushes and forest slash in foreground, bushes on swampy shore in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Bill Barnett at stern of canoe."

Loading for the Peace River

Photograph depicts six men by building on shore. One man sits in small boat that has been loaded onto a wagon. River and opposite shore in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Loading for the Peace River." Photogra...

Unknown Woman & Men at Mine

Photograph depicts a man and woman standing on what is believed to be an early mining bench. Two men with air track drill can be seen in background, one man father down on left, mountain range in background. Image slightly distorted due to poor qu...

Dozer on Cliff

Photograph depicts unknown man driving bulldozer on edge of mine area at high elevation. The dozer is an International model TD24 (manufactured between 1947 and 1955). A second man stands on edge of cliff, directing driver. Mountain range in backg...

Shovel & Haul Trucks

Photograph depicts cable-operated shovel loading two Kenworth haul trucks on road in mine area at high elevation. Three unidentified men are gathered around truck in foreground. Valley and mountain range in distance.


This file contains operations at the plantsite:Below is synopsis of the item level descriptions (see each item for further description)locations depicted at Plantsite: mill building, dry rock storage building, tailings pile, gravel pit, power hous...

1961 - Mine Garage

Photograph depicts a car and two dump trucks near a small garage by road in mine. One man stands at garage site among tires and miscellaneous tools. Blasthole drills, shovels, and dump trucks visible in distance. Rocks in foreground, mountains in ...

1961 - Explosive Preparation

Photograph depicts a man wearing a hard hat preparing explosive material, mountains in background. Dog stands near edge in midground, large bags of Ammonium Nitrate in right foreground. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961".

1961 - Power House

Photograph depicts a large shelter over building believed to be power house. Electricity lines cross midground and run to power house. A man can be seen crossing the foreground by steel frame supplies, and a second building is partially visible on...

1961 - Community Centre

Photograph depicts long wood building speculated to be the Community Centre at Cassiar, B.C. Sports net stands in right foreground. Flag pole, barrel, and stand of trees can be seen in front of building. Mountains in background. Handwritten annota...

1961 - Bar & Snackbar

Photograph depicts long wood building believed to be the bar and snackbar at Cassiar B.C. Two men can be seen standing on one of three porches to building. Pole, car, and trees in foreground; unknown buildings and mountain base in background. Hand...

New Mill Construction - Labour Documentation

Photographs depict construction of the new mill, each taken from approximately the same distance and featuring two different angles of the building. Construction work progresses from framework to sheeting and siding. Vehicles, piles of building su...

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