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Charles E. Goad Company Fire Insurance Plans collection

  • 2007.13
  • Colección
  • 1875-1913

Collection consists of 2 reels of microfilm relating to Charles E. Goad Company containing documentation related to fire insurance business entries found in circular books, letter books and day books.

Charles E. Goad Company

Proposed Tramway Profile and Line Layout

This blueprint shows the side profile of the proposed tramway at Cassiar. It includes relevant infrastructures and landscape features drawn and marked on the plan such as roads, monocable unloading stations, swamp and beaver ponds as well as strea...

Cassiar Recreational Centre Blueprints

Blueprint of the Cassiar Recreational Centre depicting various details regarding aspects of the building. Perspectives included within the blueprint are top-down as well as cross-sections. There are notes by the architect towards how certain build...

Directors at House 130

Photograph depicts group of nine men standing on lawn in front of building known as "House 130" or "Director's Lodge". Left to right: Andre Beguin, unknown, Charles Rainforth Elliot, Jack Christian, W. Harold Connell, Plat...

Directors at Main Office, Cassiar BC

Photograph depicts group of eight men standing on front steps of Cassiar's Main Office building. Top, left to right: Ken A. Creery, John Drybrough. Middle, left to right: John E. Kennedy, Tam Zimmermann. Bottom, left to right: Fred Martin Con...

Directors at House 130

Photograph depicts group of eight men standing on lawn in front of building known as "House 130" or "Director's Lodge" (see item 2000. Left to right: Nick Gritzuk, Charles Rainforth Elliot, Jack Christian, W. ...

Official Tours

File contains photographs depicting four different tours that took place at the mine, plant, and towns owned by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. Tours include Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's visit to Clinton Creek in 1968 and Member of Parli...

Cassiar Land

This file contains images of a land dispute around Cassiar. The photographs depict a cabin on a lot, a destroyed cabin, and outhouses. The accompanied documents in the original file refer to the subjects of "Claims, Leases, and Land lots,&quo...

Miscellaneous Community Photos

File contains photographs done to item level description, depicting miscellaneous people and locations at or around Cassiar, B.C. This includes a photograph of renowned prospector William (“Bill”) Storie, Bill Pratt with a fox, a community gatheri...

Shipping & Transportation

File contains photographs pertaining to the transportation of asbestos fibre.These include portraits of Clinton trailer trucks, trucks from the Cassiar Transport Division at Mile 860 on the Alaskan Highway, the assembly of large freight trucks, an...

Clinton Creek Operations

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd opened a second mine in 1967 at what became the one-industry town of Clinton Creek, Y.T. File contains photographs depicting different areas of operations at Clinton Creek. Locations include the mine, plant, town, ...

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