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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Directors at House 130, Casual Photo

Photograph depicts group of eight men standing on lawn in front of building known as "House 130" or "Director's Lodge". Left to right: Nick Gritzuk, Charles Rainforth Elliot, W. Harold Connell, Jack Christian, Fred Martin ...

Manager's Photos - Prefab Lodges

Photograph depicts four buildings in trees at end of dirt road, mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "7. Prefab buildings for staff families and guest lodge. These buildings nearly completed."

Manager's Photos - Mill Walls

Photograph depicts 4 men working on early stages of mill construction, mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "9. Erecting wall posts on mill foundations. Looking west."

Manager's Photos - Concrete for Mill Walls

Photograph depicts 5 men working on mill construction in foreground. Dump truck, equipment, tool shed, group of men, trees and mountain base in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "10. Pouring concrete for m...

Manager's Photos - Pouring Concrete at Mill

Photograph depicts group of men pouring concrete at mill. Steamer for heating water can be seen in mid ground as well as concrete mixer behind four steel drums. Trees and mountain base in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo descri...

Manager's Photos - Service Garage Walls

Photograph depicts group of men working in construction area among saw horses. Snow and lumber pile cross foreground. Visible in background: dump truck, white tent building, stand of trees, unidentified machinery speculated to be concrete mixer. C...

Manager's Photos - Service Garage Walls

Photograph depicts two men working near concrete mixer and wood frames for walls. Snow and lumber in foreground; two buildings (one white tent building), stand of trees, and mountain in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo descript...

Manager's Photos - Tent Covered Building

Photograph depicts small wood building, with two windows and a door, draped with canvas. Snow pile to left of building, road in foreground, trees and mountains in background. See also item 2000. This building appears different from those...

Clinton Creek Construction

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd opened a second mine in 1967 at what became the one-industry town of Clinton Creek, Y.T. File contains photographs depicting progressive construction of buildings at the Clinton Creek mine, plant, townsite and powe...

View of Crushing Plant from Below

One man can be seen on crusher building framework, unidentified equipment and long metal rods in foreground. Power lines, a large tank, and other small buildings are semi-visible on a level in the mountainside just above the crusher building. Sky ...

Bucket Being Lifted by Crane

Photograph depicts a round bucket attached to the main hook line of a crane and suspended over building framework in crusher construction site (crane not visible in image). Men stand around the bucket on high level of crusher building. A dirt road...

View of Crusher Site from Above

View showing various levels of foundations. Men can be seen working on site. Vertically protruding planks from framework in foreground. A long building believed to be housing conveyor "B" can be seen in background, as well as the tree-co...

Work Crew Eating Outside in Cold Weather

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Work crew eating in open at 10˚ below zero, evicted from Lunchroom, due to damage to, from falling rock." Men are shown sitting in snow. Various metal materials in foreground, snow-covered mo...

Barricading Against Falling Loose Rock

Three men work in area confined by barricades made of vertical metal rods and horizontal wood planks (see item 2000. Two ladders in foreground, (one being used by construction worker). Lumber and semi-finished walls can be seen at highe...

Lowering Crusher Pinion into Place

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Placing Crusher Pinion; Pitman; weight approx. 20 tons". Man stands on top of a very tall, red peice of equipment believed to be a crusher pitman. Boom of crane is visible in foreground, and...

Moving Sides of Bin into Place

Handwritten caption above this photo reads: "Moving the sides of Bin into place. Weight nine tons" (see also item 2000. The bin side is not in view, but cable lines of crane can be seen lowering bin into building. Steel framew...

Door of Completed Crusher Building

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "View of completed building." Large door on side of building, offering view of interior. Miscellaneous material in snowy foregrounded area: tractor equipment, steel drum, lumber etc.

Propane Tank & Completed Conveyor "B"

Conveyor sits on tall steel framework, encased in steel sheeting, and stands to right of snow-covered slope. Propane tank sits on log structure below conveyor. Snowy mountains in background. See also item 2000. Handwritten caption below ...

First Mill

Photograph collection of early mill construction. Various annotations note retaining ribs, pouring ribs, pouring retaining walls, the west wall, steel work, transformer house, and furnace pad.

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