Buildings and Structures



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  • Includes: buildings; monuments and statues; bridges and trestles; building management; construction.
  • DO NOT USE for records pertaining to activities carried out in or on a building or structure, unless the building and the activity are directly related (e.g. hotels).

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  • MemoryBC Subject Groups

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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[Saw Mill Town?]

Image depicts numerous buildings at an uncertain location. A beehive burner and what appears to be a large pile of wood is visible in the background.

[Saw Mill?]

Image depicts what appears to be a saw mill, with the silhouette of a beehive burner on the right side of the image. The location is uncertain.


Image depicts what appears to be a teepee at an uncertain location.

[Train Yard?]

Image depicts several buildings and a metal structure in what is possibly a train yard. The location is uncertain.

[W.A.C. Bennett Dam?]

Image depicts several unidentified individuals lying on a hill outside what is most likely the W.A.C. Bennett Dam in Hudson's Hope, B.C.

[Yard of Debris?]

Image depicts what appears to be yard full of unidentified debris. The location is uncertain.

[Yellow Rails?]

Image depicts what appears to be yellow rails in an enclosed area at an uncertain location.

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