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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Atlin - Mural

Image depicts a mural of Atlin with information about the Globe Theatre and Edwin L. Pillman on it. It reads: "Talented businessman arrived in Atlin in 1899, and for nearly fifty years operated a variety of businesses ~ grocery and drug stor...

White Pass Train

File contains slides depicting locations along the White Pass railway through Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territories.

Modern Forestry

File contains slides depicting logging and equipment. Most appear to be locations around Prince George.

Suspended Trailer

Image depicts a trailer for a logging truck suspended off the ground by a wooden structure. Possibly located in Prince George, B.C.

Saw Mill

Image depicts logs being stripped of their bark at a saw mill in Prince George, B.C.

Saw Mill - Interior

Image depicts logs being cut into planks in the interior of a saw mill somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

Man and Logging Trailer

Image depicts a man who appears to have attached a logging trailer to some kind of hook on a wooden structure. A saw mill is located in the background, and it is likely in Prince George, B.C.

Cottonwood House Picnic Site

Image depicts the picnic site of the Cottonwood House Historic Site, located on the Barkerville Highway, east of Quesnel, B.C.

Cottonwood House

Image depicts the Cottonwood House Historic Site along Barkerville Highway, east of Quesnel, B.C. A sign posted by the fence reads: "For over half a century the Boyd family operated this haven for man and beast. Here weary travellers found ...

Finish Line

Image depicts numerous skiers standing near a finish line somewhere on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Cross Country Skiing

Image depicts a long line of people cross country skiing somewhere on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts a man and woman shaking hands in a building at an uncertain location, possibly in Cottonwood Park. The man standing behind the two is possibly Elmer Mercier, a former mayor of Prince George, B.C.


File contains slides depicting a Doukabour community at an unknown location.

Kaslo City Hall

Photograph depicts the Kaslo City Hall, built in 1898. The first floor contained a library while the second floor held a coutroom with original furnishings in mild disarray.

"Butterchurch" on Comiaken Hill

Photograph depicts "Butterchurch" that was built in 1870 under the direction of Father Rondeault of the Oblate Order for missionary work among the Comiakan Natives, a tribe of about 100. It was abandoned by about 1880 because of its loca...

Trout Lake Esso Service

Photograph depicts the one and only service station that was in Trout Lake City. It had manual pumps as there was no distributed electricity in the village.

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