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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Grand Central Hotel in south Vancouver

Photograph depicts the Grand Central Hotel at the intersection of Marpole Ave and Hudson St. in south Vancouver. The hotel was built in 1912 by J.J. Graver and run from 1913-1915. It re-opened in 1920 as a home for incurables (veterans). In 1937 i...

Fire hall in Moyie, B.C.

Photograph depicts the fire hall in Moyie, 20 miles south of Cranbrook. When the photo was taken there were 2 hose reel carts inside, a hose, and huge log stove under the hose drying tower (partially seen through window). Moyie was a prosperous vi...

Junction of Robson and Cordero St.

Photograph depicts the junction of Robson and Cordero St. in west end Vancouver, B.C. The photo is looking northwest on the newly demolished block, except for some houses at far end. View is looking down Robson St., with Cordero St. intersecting ...

Brick works at Haney, B.C.

Photograph depicts the brick works at Haney, B.C., within 100 yards of the Fraser River. Current production appeared to be bricks, tiles, and flowerpots. There is a disused railway spur in the works

House fire

Photograph depicts a house fire possibly on 1000 Beach Block and Thurlow St. , caused by a wrecking gang.

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