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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Stave Falls School

Photograph depicts Stave Falls School, a type of rural school that was falling into disuse. This one was still in use and cared for.

Old mine buildings

Photograph depicts one of various old lead and zinc mine buildings. Behind this building, on the foreshore, were a few men working on the reclamation of tailings and waste from the mine that was dumped in Kootenay Lake.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. The new part of the Trans-Canada Highway beneath it had yet to be paved.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. The grade crossing at the newly created service/business road was built on the south side of a road/rail complex.

River and Bridge

Image depicts a river and a bridge at an unknown location in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts what appears to be a shopping center or department store in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts the Prince George Public Library.


Image depicts the Fort George Regional Museum in Prince George, B.C.


Image most likely depicts the Central Business District, possibly an area near Victoria Street, in Prince George, B.C.

Salvation Army

Image depicts the Salvation Army on Ospika Boulevard in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts a number of trains, possibly in the CNR train yard, in Prince George, B.C.

Lakeland Sawmill

Image depicts the Lakeland Sawmill in Prince George, B.C, identified by the beehive burners; the one with white smoke belonged to Pas Lumber Co. which was bought out by Lakeland in 1987.

Prince George

Image depicts Prince George, possibly with the Northwood Pulpmill in the background.

Prince George Sign

Image depicts the Prince George welcome and population sign, with a population of 71, 086.


Image depicts a pulpmill, likely Northwood, in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts Pineview on Buckhorn Lake Road, Prince George, B.C.

Highway 97

Image depicts a section of Highway 97 in Prince George, B.C.

Coast Hotels

Image depicts the Coast Hotel building and what is possibly the old RCMP building in the foreground.

Bear Lake

Image depicts some houses most likely in Bear Lake, B.C.

Bear Lake (?)

Image depicts some buildings along a dirt road, possibly near Bear Lake, B.C.

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