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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Close view of Metlakatla Church

Large church stands behind white fence, unidentified man visible on front steps. Photograph depicts the first church built in Metlakatla, which was burned in a fire in 1901, and replaced in 1903.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "With lo...

Interior of large church building

Many rows of pews span foreground. Banners hanging in front of sanctuary read: "THE ANGEL SAID UNTO THEM, FEAR NOT, BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY WHICH SHALL BE TO ALL PEOPLE".Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "...

View of street in Metlakatla, BC

Photograph depicts a row of houses and fenced yards on right, separated from more buildings on left by grassy area.Printed on image: "Metlakahtla Nr. Prince Rupert. Allen Photo June '11"; handwritten annotation on verso reads: "...

New church building at Metlakatla, BC

Photograph depicts fenced area in front of church building with turret. Other community buildings can be seen in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Metlakatla Church. Replacement for larger church lost in village fire 1903?&qu...

Mission hospital in Metlakatla, BC

Photograph depicts a large two-storey building with the sign: "CALEDONIA HOSPITAL". Fence crosses foreground, hills visible in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Mission Hosp at Metlakatla B.C."

Chief's lodge and totem, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts two men standing at base of totem pole in front of large elaborate lodge building with post reading "MINESQU".Handwritten annotation on image reads: "Chapter XXIV> No. 3. A chief's lodge and totem Nass Riv...

Mortuary pole of Chief Gwaksho

Photograph depicts a mortuary pole situated against a snowy landscape.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Chapter XVIII, Nom. 1 Chief Gwaksho’s totem pole. The Great Hunter.”

Mine buildings of mine at Coal Creek

Photograph depicts the mine buildings of the mine at Coal Creek that closed in 1959. The newer buildings date to circa 1930. Much of the standard gauge trackage of Morrissey, Fernie, and Michel railway (subsidiary of the Great Northern Railway) in...

Malahat station on Vancouver Island

Photograph depicts the Malahat station on the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway line, 20 miles north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. The view is looking south and there are no houses anywhere in the vicinity.

C.P.R. Kimberley depot

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. depot at Kimberley. It is in the center of the town, looking up towards the Kimberley mine which is 1 mile away. The last passenger service (1 coach) between Kimberley and Cranbrook ran about 1955.

C.P.R. yards in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. yards just west of downtown passenger station and in front of Pier B, owned by the C.P.R. The view is looking northwest from Burrard St.

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