ALRF Miscellaneous - Volume 2 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2007. Northern Interior Forest Experiment Station Progress Report Item Oct. 1926 View
2007. Review of Cutting Practices in the Spruce-Balsam Stands, Prince George Forest District Item 1962 View
2007. Selective Logging of Spruce in Sub-Alpine Alberta Item 1950 View
2007. Spruce Regeneration in British Columbia Item 1940 View
2007. E.P. 501 Comparative Study of Scarification Equipment Item 1957 View
2007. A Fifteen Year History of the Virgin Spruce-Balsam Type at Aleza Lake Experiment Station and Suggestions for Management Item 1945 View
2007. Regeneration and Growth of White Spruce After Logging Item 1946 View
2007. The Results of Stand Treatment in the White Spruce Alpine Fir Type of the Northern Interior of British Columbia Item 1963 View
2007. The Effect of Soil Moisture on the Establishment of Spruce Reproduction in British Columbia Item 1930 View
2007. The Durability of Scarified Seedbeds for Spruce Regeneration Item 1967 View
2007. The Aleza Lake Research Forest Reexamination of Past Experimental Studies Item 27 Apr. 1990 View
2007. The North Ridge Eco-Trail Guide: Aleza Lake Research Forest Item [1993?] View
2007. Faller's Selection Item 25 Feb. 1981 View
2007. Some Factors Affecting Reproduction of Engelmann Spruce and Alpine Fir Item 1955 View
2007. The Natural Regeneration of Spruce in Central British Columbia Item 1931 View
2007. Gap Dynamics in the Sub-Boreal Spruce wk1 Biogeoclimatic Sub-Zone: Spatiotemporal Patterns, Inonotus tomentosus, and Partial Cutting Item [1998?] View
2007. Management Manual: Instructions to Forest Officers in Forest Management Item [1955?]-[1973?] View
2007. Development of White Spruce and Alpine Fir Seedlings on Cut-Over Areas in the Central Interior of British Columbia Item 1965 View
2007. Report to Royal Commission on Forests and Forestry: The Background to Stand Treatment Policies in the Northern Interior Item 1955 View
2007. Marking of Spruce in the Fort George Forest District Item 1952 View
2007. A Forest Practice Code for the Spruce-Balsam Type Item Sept. 1959 View
2007. Seed Production of Hemlock and Cedar in the Interior Wet Belt Region of British Columbia related to Dispersal and Regeneration Item 1970 View
2007. Influences of Time on Effectiveness of Scarified Seedbeds in Spruce-Alpine Fir Forest of Central Interior Item May 1958 View
2007. Do's and Don't's When Marking Stands For Cutting Item 1958 View
2007. [West Boundary Line Plots] Item 1956 View
2007. The Development of Unevenaged Stands of Engelmann Spruce, and Probable Development of Residual Stands after Logging Item 1937 View